Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last trade post of April is Spastik-Fantastic

Continuing my decent success with trade bait posts, Tim (a.k.a. SpatikMooss) of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame and I agreed to our third trade.  From this post I sent him the Joel Hanrahan and Duce Staley (a favorite of his) autos, along with a couple other odds and ends (such as some Josh Cribbs, another Tim favorite).

In return, I got the following package today:

Some Tigers playing cards, a cool oddball Cecil Fielder and a nice serial-numbered Tom Terrific insert.  Tigers+Wolverines (+ what I'll show in a minute) = a great trade package.  Here's a closer look at the Fielder in pop-up book mode:

I have to admit I hadn't seen these before, so this is a pretty cool addition to my Tigers collection (despite my lactose intolerance).

And now for the two highlights of the deal:

A Braylon 2007 Leaf R&S Crusade jersey.  While I've said before that Brown's not my favorite color, it sure beats plain white jerseys, and this is a solid Braylon relic (#d to 250).  Interestingly enough (to me, only, I'm sure), this is currently my only 2007 Braylon hit.

And a Braylon-Derek Anderson 2008 Leaf Limited Team Threads dual prime jersey.  Tim smartly picked this up on the cheap despite the fact that it's #d to 25.  While I don't usually collect multiplayer cards that include non-Wolverines, this is my second such card, and the other also features Braylon (and a different Browns QB, Charlie Frye).  I like that while both jerseys are deemed to be "prime", Edwards' is more deserving of the moniker, being multicolored and all.

So that's two new Braylons for the ol' PC and another great trade with Tim.  While he's still reloading after his epic trade bait draft, he frequents the BlowoutCards forums as much as I do for great PC and trade bait fodder, so get to trading with the guy already.

Thanks, Tim!


  1. Glad you liked them (that Cecil photo is awesome by the way - nice job capturing it!). I got your cards today so those goodies will show up on my blog sooner than later!