Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trade #2 with A2Wolverine


Ok, with that out of the way, here's what's up:  I met Dustin/A2Wolverine of No Relics Pulled for our second in-person trade after work today.  To my lack of utter disbelief, he expressed interest in the Felix Hernandez Topps manupatch I grabbed at the last show I went to and blogged about on my Trade Bait Post.  I wanted something comparable in return, and because he was grabbing some stuff on COMC, I asked him to grab this beauty for me:  Michigan hockey hit #9 for me and Al Montoya card #1:  a 2006-07 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink autograph.  Somewhat timely considering Al's stellar NHL play (now that he's finally getting a chance with the OTHER New York hockey team that's not Buffalo, which I don't care about anyway) not to mention Michigan's latest Frozen Four appearance, this is a great addition to my Michigan PC.  Montoya's got a few other autographs that I'm now more motivated to go after, so hopefully that'll happen before long.

Dustin was also nice enough to throw in this Topps Ripken/Hanley:
which pretty much means I owe him one, but that's what next month's card show is for.  Thanks to Dustin again for another great trade (and obviating the need to pay shipping), and now it's your turn to trade with him if you haven't yet, so give it a shot.

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