Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Wise Men

(Interesting sidenote:  I have a pile of Michigan football stuff to scan into the collection and post, but because there were just three in this latest shipment, I took the easy way out and posted these first.  Why should you care?  Because the second card in this trio puts me at exactly 200 (different--I have a couple doubles that I'm not counting) football hits in the collection.  If you still don't care I won't be surprised, but I'm happy to reach that milestone and be well on my way to 250!)

Today brings a break in my anticipated series chronicling my recent CheckOutMyCards purchases (I made it to one in a row, which is bragable) because I received a trio of cards I snagged on eBay this weekend (hooray for quick shipping!).  And what a trio it is:

I got all three of these 2008 Press Pass SE Gridiron Graphs Gold autographs for $16 delivered.  Not too shabby, and as far as I can tell that finishes up the Wolverines in that group for me (I already had the Adrian Arrington).  By my count that puts me up to 18 Hennes, 13 Harts and 13 Super Marios.  I'm sure I don't need to mention that I love the Michigan uniform action shots.  Press Pass isn't at the top of my list of sets, but they tend to make some pretty solid autographed sets and I think these look great.

Three cards do not a lengthy post make, so I'll take a moment to remind everyone (especially Derek, HINTHINTHINT) that a large focus of my Michigan collection is our fabled draft class of 2008, one which included:
  • Jake Long, OT, round 1, #1 overall, Miami Dolphins
  • Chad Henne, QB, round 2, #57 overall, Miami Dolphins
  • Shawn Crable, LB, round 3, #78 overall, New England Patriots
  • Mario Manningham, WR, round 3, #95 overall, New York Giants
  • Mike Hart, RB, round 6, #202 overall, Indianapolis Colts
  • Adrian Arrington, WR, round 7, #237 overall, New Orleans Saints
Crable's not a big focus of mine because he was never really a star here, but you can see from my collection that I have a good number of the rest, both because they've turned into solid-to-above average NFL players, plus they were favorites of mine while playing in Ann Arbor.

On a related programming note, tune in soon for more recent pickups:  COMC baseball and football purchases, another eBay buy that's totally unrelated, and my haul from Tim's (GSNHOF) trade bait draft over the weekend, which is due to arrive imminently.  Eventually I may even return to posts that aren't 100% about my personal collection!

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