Friday, March 4, 2011

Busting out my new blog pimp hand

Some of you may have received an email from Dustin (aka A2 Wolverine) asking you about trades and adding him to your blogroll.  In case you haven't heard from him or just haven't check out his new blog, No Relics Pulled, make sure you check it out and keep an eye on it for future updates.  You'll find it on my blogroll and may as well start Following it with the other 50+ card blogs you read (amirite?).

I have a special interest in this new blog because as you might have deduced from his Google name, Dustin is a fellow Wolverine, and as it turns out, he spends most of his school days just down the street from where I work.  That meant we got to meet in person after work today to make formal introductions and swap a few cards.  I think the last time I completed a trade with someone in-person that was roughly near my age was junior high, so that was pretty cool, and we were both happy to save on postage.

For the low, low price of some Johnny Damons, a couple Felix Hernandezes and an Andrew McCutchen (bust those players out if you're looking for future trades with the dude), I got a couple nice Topps inserts and some 2011 Topps doubles he was looking to flip, including some Tigers and other good ones.  A look at some of my favorites:

I'm always happy to add a new Ripken to the fold, and it's nice to have acquired some 2011 Topps without having to spring for the usual disappointing box.  Another thumbs up for in-person trading!  Dustin, good luck with the new blog, and keep at it so you don't bore your girlfriend so much talking about cards--that's what all of us are for.

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  1. I appreciate you keeping your pimp hand strong.