Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday catching up, February edition

First, the main point of today's post:

Eric from Manupatches and Chrome Scratches got a trade going with me recently after the pair of Razor breaks because he was continuing his quest to spell different names with those letters.  I currently owe him some stuff (going out soon, I promise!), but in return here's what he sent my way in a package that arrived yesterday:
The highlight of the package for me, a dual jersey of Super Mario from 2010 Sweet Spot football.  This is a great shot of The New Math in a Michigan uni and I like the fact that the two jersey pieces look different.  Eric's cool because he grabbed this for me at his LCS in anticipation of a trade, so I'm glad that worked out for both of us.

Next was a Pablo Sandoval 2010 Topps 206 mini autograph.  I pulled this from his trade bait to be trade bait for myself as much as anything, but if I don't ever move it I'll be happy to have a cool sig of Kung Fu Panda: overweight World Series-winner edition.

Next was a couple Tigers (former, current and legendary).  Someday I'll get back into acquiring as many Gibsons as I can, and maybe even get that collection scanned and uploaded like the rest of my stuff.

Finally, a good chunk of what would likely be a Wolverines team set from 2006 Topps, highlighted by a Gold Cato June, a couple Tom Bradys and a Jason Avant RC.  MOAR WOLVERINES!

In conclusion, a great trade package as usual from Eric, who is a TMG-recommended trader.  Please show your appreciation by sending him Royals, Rockies, letter patches and hilarious mustaches.

Let's see, what else?...
More to come when I have time--I'm still trying to catch up on some trade packages, better organizing my collection (including a lot of scanning/tagging/uploading), set wantlists and other stuff, plus I'm doing a lot of work on my house.  But I've got plenty more fun stuff in the works, so stay tuned.

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