Monday, February 7, 2011

Mail monday, post-Super Bowl Edition

I hope everyone is recovering from their post-Super Bowl hangovers from celebrating, killing the pain or just because.

In celebration of Charles Woodson and his Michigan brethren, here's some stuff I got in the mail today:

Trade with Midwest Cardboard:
Todd, a.k.a. Darkship, of Midwest Cardboard was again part of one of my group breaks, the most recent Letterman one.  We worked out two trades, one being a three-way deal that included Sam of the Daily Dimwit, but before that we agreed on one of my Aaron Crow letters for a Yonder Alonso and Justin Smoak.  While he was going to the trouble of shipping, he threw in this card that he was holding onto for me for a bit:
A 2009 Philadelphia Fabrics jersey of Braylon Edwards.  I can always use more stuff of Braylon, so this was much appreciated.  Thanks again, Todd!

A couple more Blowout purchases:
Yes, I'm still sinking a good chunk of money into the Blowout forums, but at least not as much at once.  Two purchases yielded the following three cards:
A 2010 Elite Turn of the Century RC/auto of Brandon Graham, which I caught after a guy posted a group break.  He wasn't thrilled with his results, so I was happy to help him out and take this off his hands
along with a 2010 Rookies & Stars Longevity RC/auto of Graham, which I got him to add for just a bit more.  Boy, that picture sure looks familiar, Panini....  I now have four auto RCs of Graham, along with a printing plate, which is a pretty good start to a collection for a guy who was a 2010 rookie.  
My first Jim Harbaugh hit is a very slick autograph I caught while looking through some Photobuckets on sale last week.  This will go great with my Tim Biakabatuka '99 Inscriptions card.  Hopefully this is the first of a few cards of the former Michigan QB hero, who'll hopefully find success with David Baas and the 49ers.

Non-mail thing:
I wanted to give a quick mention to BA Benny's group break, which started today.  He's posted two videos so far, one of an Opening Day blaster and another with some random packs.  Mike does a great job of showing each card and even pronounces names correctly sometimes (but cut him some slack, he's reading them upside-down) and more importantly, I'd say the video quality is excellent.  Go watch if you've got a hand in the break or to just enjoy watching someone open packs with a thick New York accent.  And stay tuned for what I'm sure will be quite a few more clips of pack breaks considering the scope of the thing.

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