Friday, January 14, 2011

A trip through the old blogroll

Updates on some goings-on around the blogs I follow, including some stuff that very much so deserves your attention too:

Great contest:  Charles of Hoopography fame is having a very cool contest that only subtly promotes his site (I keed, I keed).  Seriously, it's a real nice tie-in and y'all should check it out for a chance to win some cool free Donruss stuff.  The challenge:  guess his #1 favorite card from his Top 25 (which has been a great series; personally I think the quad auto with Desmond Howard should be #1).  Yours truly won't be participating--I don't want to divert those cards from going to someone who deserves them (ie gives a lick about basketball).  Do yourself a favor and follow Hoopography anyway, it's a great read.
Saying "yoink" equals a citation, right?
New blog:  Check out Johnny's new Rockies-centric blog Cards from the Quarry and get an eyeful of some ugly-ass uniforms!
Maybe if "yoink" was in the MLA handbook...

I can be as stupid and poor as yoooooou!:  BA Benny ripped some NASCAR packs and posted the best one.  Spoiler:  he pulls a dual race-used card from when some guy DROVE REAL FAST AND THEN TURNED TO THE LEFT (best South Park ever).
Yoink, y'all
HOF FTW:  dayf over at Cardboard Junkie's got a pair of sick vintage league leader-type cards.  Holy crap does that second one feature a dream outfield.

[ed:  at this point I thought I'd stolen enough pictures; the first two are kind of useful, but the third just starts to get gratuitous.  Enjoy the rest of the post sans pictures]

Why is he posting more Grandersons than I am?:  Night Owl's got a scan of a Granderson, among others, in a cool technical discussion of card photography.  I just think the pictures are purdy.

Warp zone:  Crinkly Wrappers wants to know why Topps' chrome cards from packs are warped but the redemptions aren't.  Yeah, WTF, Topps?

Legendary Cuts or KITJ?:  Beardy busted a box of 2009 UD Legendary Cuts.  How did he do?  Spoiler:  next time take the KITJ, son, it offers more value.

There's a card of a microwave, your argument is invalid:  Phungo honors the worst pull of the year.

Group break (not mine edition):  Thorzul's breaking '07 Topps Chrome, '05 Topps Pristine and 2010 Famous Fabrics, which is pretty cool.

BA Benny = Patches O'Houlihan:  Nice trade post between BA Benny and Derek of Tomahawk Chopping.  Both guys are awesome, and I'm not just saying that because both have been part of both of my group breaks so far--make sure to deal with both, you'll be glad you did.

Xmas box busting:  My Cardboard Mistress got some nice baseball card swag for Christmas.  Check out part 1 and part 2 of his box of 2009 UD Piece of History, with more boxes to come whenever he gets around to it.

Wait, something GOOD came out of the MCG?:  This was a few days ago, but Play at the Plate completed his MCG-a-thon and came out with two excellent cards, bringing his contest to an end.  Check out the results here.

More busting:  Colbey/Flywheels of Cardboard Collections busted a bunch of stuff for a group break.  There's more posts than I feel like linking to right now, so just go to his blog and check them out for some vicarious fun.


  1. Thanks for posting other sites group break info. It's nice to just have the option of joining.

  2. Thanks for the pub!!! That quad auto was a white whale of mine for a long time.