Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blowout forums blowout: day 6: the last one?

The last Blowout Forums package I was waiting for finally arrived today.  What happened was, I paid for the one I wanted, then a day or two later the guy let me know he accidentally shipped me someone else's lot.  Since I wanted to help the guy out, I offered to ship the cards to the correct person if he reimbursed me.  He did, then sent my stuff, with a few bonuses.  I paid something pretty cheap for this lot considering the hits, and overall I'm fairly pleased.  The scans of the hits are blurry since the graded card case is so huge and I was too lazy to scan stuff individually.  Everything is pretty much available for trade, though I have a feeling I know where some of the better stuff will end up.

Dontrelle Willis 2007 UD Elements Clear Cut Elements Gold jersey/auto:  ok, let's get this out of the way first:  is it really necessary for this card to be graded?  I'm philosophically against graded cards anyway, but whatever.  Second, I think Beckett got it wrong because this is #d to 99 and is therefore likely a "silver", not a "gold" (at least according to their own price guides...geniuses...).  Anyway, it seemed like a cool card to take a chance on or have on hand to send someone else's way.  One more thing:  guess the grade Beckett gave that autograph.  Go on, guess.  Hint:  it's more than a 1, so it's already stupid.  Hint #2:  the stupidity of the grade approaches Dr. Phil levels.  Yes, ladies and gents, this is a prime example of a Beckett 10 autograph.  Dear Beckett,
The universe.

Nick Markakis 2009 Upper Deck Game Jersey Triple Swatch:  If your name starts with "Beard" and ends with a "Y", you might possibly want this card.  Another fun one to grab since I like the guy but figure it's good trade bait.  I like that it's not the usual plain white swatch (or three) too.  Also, notice the stitching on the "A".  OMG, EBAY 1/1 patch!
Eddie Matthews 2010 Topps ManuPatch:  Yep, I like these--I'm cool with manupatches as long as they're not being sold at ridiculous prices.  This is a pretty good one of Matthews and might be wanted by Thorzul or dayf, so that's a plus.
Interesting related note:  Matthews was the guy on the biggest hit I've ever pulled--an autographed UD 500-HR Club card from a pack of '99 or 2000 HoloGrFx that I grabbed at Target for $1.  It was worth something like $1000 at one point, and then settled around $800 (even after he passed away), and was the centerpiece of my collection for a while, but I eventually decided to sell it, and I got a pretty good haul for it.  I wasn't as attached to it since he played for a team I never cared about (although he was with the Tigers very briefly), but it was cool having something from a HOFer that hit 500 HR.  (Cool story, bro)

Daniel McCutchen 2010 Topps Chrome auto/RC/boomerang:  Jeez do these things like to bend.  Anyway, the other autograph in this group isn't a big hit, but it wasn't exactly my reason for getting the lot, so I don't really care.  More trade bait, period.

Other stuff:  Stanton RC, Howard 2020, Viciedo and Matusz BowPlats, Mantle Chrome, Kila Ka'Aihueueuaueai'heae Refractor RC bendiness

Other stuff part two:  Hawpe sweet Blue Refractor, Feliz EEE, Beckett Vintage 2nd or 3rd year, Greinke Cracker Jack, Boggs bald-ass head insert, V-Mart (who's now a Tiger!)

Not bad for the $8 I paid, eh?  This kind of lot shows up on Blowout pretty often and usually goes for a similar price, which can be a lot of fun, so keep your eyes peeled for more of those.

As far as I know this is my final Blowout blowout purchase.  I did, however, make ANOTHER small one today (nice deal!), which I'll showcase when the stuff arrives.


  1. You have had quite a nice run of cards on these Blowout posts, well done. I would be very interested in that Dontrelle if you are inclined to trade it.

  2. I'd be interested to trade you for the Kila, Hawpe, and Greinke cards. I'll email you about them.