Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've got more hits than Pete Rose (and without the stupid haircut)

Call me Motown, baby, cuz check out all these hits:

As previously promised, here's a quick look at all the stuff I picked up recently:

Mike Hart Lettermen patch:  I snagged this on eBay more than a week ago, it's just that the guy took forever to ship it, or shipped it through Siberia or something.  Anyway, that puts me up to three Michigan Lettermen Patches from 2008.  I'm putting out an APB for Jake Long's.  On a related note, I found one on eBay listed with an "Or Best Offer."  He was asking $40 for it and it books at $20, so my offer, including shipping, was $10.  I'm sure you're all shocked that he instantly rejected it.  On a related note to THAT related note, I got this Hart for $10 shipped also through a best offer (I think he originally wanted $15 or more), so not bad.

Braylon Edwards (plus a bunch of scrubs) quad jersey:  this came from one of the BlowoutCards forums lots you'll see described below, but because it was double-sided it gets its own scan.  This was sort of a throw-in for me because a Manningham I picked out was no longer available.  Also not pictured, but included in one of the deals, was a 2007 Leon Hall SPx auto/RC, which I already had, and subsequently gave away.

I picked up two great Michigan lots from BlowoutCards' forums (man what a great place to pick up stuff--no joke), one for about $50 and another around $25 I believe.  I feel I got pretty good value considering the sheer volume of cards I picked up, all of which are more valuable to me anyway.
The combined results begin here with a good mix of players:  Jake Long (my favorite card of the bunch--I really like those RPM autos), Tai Streets, Leon Hall, Bennie Joppru (my first I believe), John Navarre and Alan Branch, most of which appear in a Michigan uniform, which is even sweeter.
Another two Adrian Arrington autographs, one of which is in a Michigan uni, two Chris Perry relics (I think I ended up with four or five overall), another Braylon, and a Steve Hutchinson, which is really cool since O-linemen don't get anything special very often, and he's one of the best the game has ever seen, hands down.
Another pretty good group:  two David Harris autographs, rookie autos of LaMarr Woodley and Jake Long, a B.J. Askew (I don't believe I had anything of him either) and a nice blue Manningham jersey (jeez I have a lot of him).
Oh look, another Bennie Joppru, and he's in a Michigan uni!  Also in this group:  two more Chris Perrys (man I wish he hadn't been an NFL bust, but he'll be remembered well here in Ann Arbor), a cool dual-relic Braylon and a meh jersey of him as well, and my second Drew Henson autograph.
Another Jason Avant jersey (I'm starting to get a decent collection of him), a Shawn Crable autograph (I'm getting the impression he'll never pan out in the NFL), a dual Manningham-Henne jersey, and probably my favorite card in the whole lot:  a Bowman Sterling Chad Henne-Mike Hart dual auto.  Sweet!

These took me a while to scan and optimize, as you probably guessed, and I did scan them individually as well, but those won't end up in the PC album for a little bit since those will take longer.  HOWEVA, if you haven't seen enough scans today, enjoy these the following.

Detroit Tigers hits!

The reason I'm posting these now is that I picked up a couple this week, also from BlowoutCards, and I thought that it was time to put them up as well.  They'll also have their own album link up on the top right pretty soon as soon as I get a chance to get them scanned and uploaded individually as well.  For now, please enjoy them in all their group scan glory:

Vertical cards!  In order:  a Topps Chrome Verlander auto/RC I snagged for a nice deal on eBay not long ago; a Boesch Chrome auto/RC/thumbprint from Beardy, a Sizemore from the same set from Georgia Mindset's group break, a pair of aces from a Daily Dimwit trade package, and a Triple Threads White Whale (not a printing plate) Verlander I just got from a BlowoutCards purchase.

Horizontal cards!  The Porcello came with the Verlander White Whale previously mentioned and is just a ridiculously awesome jsy/auto/RC;  I've had this Trammell bat forever; I can't remember when I picked up this Gibby, but it's one of a couple relics I have of him (including a Dodgers bat); a Gibby autograph I picked up way back; a Porcello jersey from Reds and More; a Jack Morris autograph I've had for quite a while; and finally, a Hank Greenberg manu-patch also from Daily Dimwit (holy crap was that a nice trade package for me!).  I'll probably work on adding to this at some point, though Wolverines remain my main focus.  But I feel like I should keep piling up the Verlanders as he keeps piling up wins.

What's that thing called when you're not spending your money on cards, but trying to get money from other people for YOUR cards?

Oh yeah, selling!  As a bit of news, I sold my 2010 Topps Chrome Brennan Boesch Blue Refractor auto/RC from GA's group break, and for a pretty penny at that.  Two items I listed didn't sell, however, so I relisted them.  If you're interested in either:

-Jimmy Clausen 2010 Topps Bowman Chrome auto #1/25:  I had something like 12 watchers but nobody thought to bid.  I'm dying for someone to take this Emu auto off my hands.  Some of you may remember that this was Topps making up for shorting me a pack in a value pack, which was pretty awesome, even if it was Jimmy "I'm a talentless, stupid-looking jerkass" Clausen.

-Ryan Howard 2010 Topps Peak Performance auto/bat:  I pulled this from my 2010 Topps Series 2 box, much to my surprise at the time.  I was very excited until I saw the peeling damage to the clear plastic cover at the bottom of the card.  By the time I contacted Topps I'd thrown out the box and packs they wanted from me (I had no idea they'd be that difficult about it) so I just gave up.  It's still a pretty sweet card, and it didn't sell when I listed it at $50, but as of this writing it's got a $40 bit, which I'm pretty happy about.

Before y'all accuse me of being a greedy capitalist, I'd like to assure you all that all proceeds go to the "Too Many Grandersons?  If anything I don't have enough--let's go buy more shit!" fund, because, let's be honest, anybody that's older than 12 and still buys cards probably isn't the most fiscally responsible person.

Until next time, whenever that is, enjoy this plethora of pictures, and thanks as always for reading.


  1. Nice cards. I know I could look this up, but let face it, that would require me to open another internet page and do some actual 2 min research. You're the Michigan guy, so I just ask you. Who is Alan Branch playing for (still Zona?), and is he actually getting any playing time?

  2. I have a Henne autographed football i'm trying to sell or trade for baseball stuff.... Holla if you would like to see it!!

  3. Insanely jealous of the Verlanders.