Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner

Final score of the not-even-close MNF matchup between the Clash of the Titans (RELEASE THE COLLINS) and the Jacksonville Jaguars (RELEASE THE TURNOVERS):  30-3.

Math portion of this post:  30+3 = 33.

That gives us just two entries to randomize:

4.  Waxaholic:  33
10.  Jeremy, No One's Going to Read This Blog (contest post) (the only one to post the contest on his blog and therefore get a free entry)

Entering each name in the order I got them

First randomization

Second randomization

Third randomization (not sure what's up with the progressively worse character corruption...)
Your winner:  Waxaholic!  That's right, the person who correctly guessed the score wins, which is pretty cool.  Thanks again to everyone who played, and don't worry, I'll get some other contests going soon so y'all have more chances to win.

Mr. Canuck, please shoot me your address again (email link on the right) since I don't have the emails from our trade conversation anymore, and I'll get those out to you today or tomorrow.


  1. wow. I never get these 'guess the score' things even close.

    I nailed it! Woot!

  2. I'm pretty glad to have at least gotten closewith my guess. I guessed 31. It's good that the winner was the guy that actually guessed correctly. I can't believe I got out randomized 3 times though. haha. Cool contest anyway.