Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cards all week: day 4

My group break reminder:
Looks like this'll go down, I'm just going to work on pricing in the next few days and then I'll officially solicit team buyers for my upcoming break, details here.

Georgia Mindset group break reminder:
Get in, get in, get in!

My Cal Ripken-like streak of receiving cards continues:
I've been dying to get this card since I snagged it from eBay the other day:
This baby is a 2008 SP Rookie Lettermen patch/autograph of Chad Henne.  I'd seen a number of auctions of these representing some former Michigan players, but never had enough luck to snap one up.  Then this one came up and I didn't let it go.  I'd have to say it's probably my new favorite Michigan card in my PC and I'm extremely excited to have such a nice patch/autograph (on a Michigan jersey patch, not a Miami one, no less!).  Woohoo!

This afternoon I received my much-anticipated Georgia Mindset Topps Chrome/Triple Threads group break loot (marking my fourth straight day of finding cards in my mailbox this week).  Reminder:  I had the Orioles and Tigers.
Almost all the Orioles are heading Beardy's way in a trade package, and the biggest "hit" was a Brian Roberts Refractor, so I won't bother with scans of those.
However, the Tigers treated me very, VERY well.  It looks like I ended up with the equivalent of one team set (or thereabouts; I got nine different Tigers and I don't think we missed anybody), 8/9 of a second (missing Sizemore, and likely headed to I Don't Know...Third Base!) and some more besides, including a total of FOUR Boesch RCs.  The spoils:
(Likely) team set
Verlander T-206
Sizemore RC auto
Boesch Blue Refractor RC auto
I'd have to say based on all that that I cleaned up.  Thanks again to AJ for running a sweet-ass break.  If you haven't done a group break or you're on the fence, I highly recommend it, especially if we're talking about a product you wouldn't want to overpay for because you don't really want to collect the set (or it's financially irresponsible, such as Topps Chrome) but just want to get a team set and some hits.  Try it!

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