Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trade with GSNHOF, college football saturday and other stuff

Trade with Tim @ the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

First up, a shout out to Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame who, by my reckoning, is the last blogger to whom I owed pretzel money blog advertisment loot.  Tim may do his own post covering what I sent him (HINT:  players with funny names), so I'll give him the chance first, but here's a quick look at what he sent my way:

100% Michigan football, baseball and basketball players! This was a great assortment of Tom Brady, Braylon Edwards, Rich Hill and many more. Thanks, Tim! Hopefully your lot lives up to these lofty standards (and includes enough hilarious names to satisfy you).

Meeeeechigan football
Technically today is usually my blogging day of rest, but Michigan had a noon game, a laugher against Bowling Green State U.  After the last few weeks, this was a nice win (albeit against a baby seal of a school).  As I write this, Notre Dame and Alabama are losing, so today's going pretty well.  I've got the TV muted so I don't have to withstand the ignorance and SEC-fellating of Gary Danielson or the completely biased morons of Notre Dame's Bitch Channel (Tom Hammond is a scary-looking person).

Celebrating the win leads me to my next quick topic:

New box review:

Coming up shortly, a review of two blasters of 2010 Topps Platinum I grabbed at Meijer after the Michigan win.  It's not a ton of packs, so look for that soon.


One more shout out for Georgia Mindset's group break.  Get in it to win it like Yzerman, y'all.

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