Thursday, September 16, 2010

More trades and news

Hopefully I'll have some new stuff to open this weekend, either from the local Meijer or a card show (or both!) depending on how able I am to build up a tolerance for the redneckiness of the latter.  In the meantime...

Trade packages:

-The Daily Dimwit sure likes Astros, which is good because that's all he's getting.

-Trade #2 with BA Benny promises to be a doozy judging by the big-ass 600 card box I filled this week, which isn't difficult to do considering the guy collects New York teams including

Let's take a relaxed attitude toward work, and watch the baseball match. The Ny Mets are my favorite squadron
The early returns are in and I'm declaring myself the winner for getting rid of a bunch of A-Rods I don't want.  BA's always good for some outstanding trading (and his blogs are excellent too) so hit him up

Incoming stuff:

Thorzul DOES rule, after sending me a nice package of stuff.  I got set wants from 2006 and 2007 Topps and 2005 Fleer Patchworks, a 2009 Turkey Red Griffey plus some UD Epic Griffeys, which allow me to use this second Simpsons reference:
HI, I'm 2006 Upper Deck Epic Griffeys, you might remember me from such Thorzul breaks as this or this
Those are some purty cards, thanks again, Thorzul! 

Other stuff:

-Awesome southern blog GA Mindset is doing a group break of 2010 Topps Chrome.  Get your shininess fix and help the guy out (that's a lonely looking list right now considering how nice those cards look.  SHINY)

-Night Owl defies the SP-ness (yeah, that again)

of A&G with a crazy box

-Thorzul is doing another group break and needs you to help him fill out the remaining teams (looks like the Fish, the Mets, Tribe and DBacks) so

I mean

(apologies for the swiped JB pic)

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