Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Mail Update

[Sorry for the lack of pack/box breaks--I'm still waiting on those 2005 Topps Chrome Series II packs, which will probably arrive tomorrow, a football Saturday, which means you'll likely see a post about them Sunday]

First things first

Seriously, shouldn't this guy have been announcing for the WWF looking like that?
Emerald City Diamond Gems COME ON DOWN--you're the next recipient of trade package cards from me.  Look for those shortly. 

Finishing second, like the Braves always do in the playoffs...

BA Benny/BA Benny is the second blogger I've traded with from whom I've received cards.  And a very welcome package it was:

-Wantlist cards from 2006 Topps, 2006 Ultra and 2007 Topps Baseball (not pictured due to failure to live up to the coolness of the rest of the stuff he sent).  Incidentally, that leaves me just a few short of a couple set wantlists:

2006 Ultra: 37 75 95 126 182
2007 Topps Series 2: 368 447 530 618

If you have these I will trade you for them.  Cards.  I will trade you cards for these.  That you want.  TRADE.

-A nice selection of miscellaneous Wolverine NFL cards, pictured here in a pile atop my scanner:

-2005 UD Origins Old Judge Materials Greg Maddux jersey
It has a stripe!
-Drew Henson 2004 Ultimate Collection Rookie Signatures RC auto
This once-ridiculously talented Wolverine QB was seduced by the Dark Side's money (a Buckeye, no less) to play baseball in an effort to cripple the Michigan football team, so he's kind of a traitor, but that's all in the past.

Awesome stuff, BA, thanks!

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  1. Did you really have to throw in that Braves comment? I'm in enough pain as it is over here counting down the days of September. I guess 14 straight division titles is easily forgotten and taken for granted. And I'll be sending out your package of Buckeye players here soon, you said you were dying for a Maurice Clarett auto right? You can add this to your blogroll: