Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bonus packs: 2008 SP Rookie Edition Football

Before I get to the meat of my recent box order (three boxes from Dave & Adam's Card World), here's a quick look at the free bonus packs I got with my order for spending a certain amount (a cool idea, by the way):  four packs of 2008 SP Rookie Edition Football.  (NOTE:  this won't be a formal review as I picked these up for free)
Having purchased three retail boxes previously (good prices at the local Meijer), I already have one set and I'm well on my way to two (refer to my wantlist if you think you can help).  Michigan had a couple rookies in the set, including Chad Henne and Mario Manningham, plus each of those boxes promised one autograph, plenty of RCs and a good number of SPs (which I've since shipped off in an auction).  Here's how I did:

Pack 1:

  • 43  JaMarcus Russell
  • 50  Tony Romo
  • 68  Calvin Johnson
  • 89  Kurt Warner
  • 142 Mario Manningham RC
  • 198 Rashard Mendenhall SP 93

Pack 2:
  • 10  Thomas Jones
  • 34  Vince Young
  • 76  Michael Turner
  • 80  Steve Smith
  • 121 Fred Davis RC
  • 238 Mike Hart SP 94

Pack 3:
  • 11  Jerricho Cotchery
  • 47  LaDaninian Tomlinson
  • 55  Brandon Jacbos
  • 75  Sidney Rice
  • 113 DeSean Jackson RC
  • 315 Donnie Avery SP 96

Pack 4:
  • 24  Wes Welker
  • 32  Maurice Jones-Drew
  • 39  John Lynch
  • 81  Julius Peppers
  • 102 Andre Woodson RC
  • 124 Glenn Dorsey RC
And here's a look at some of what I pulled:

From top left:  Mendenhall SP, Avery SP, Hart SP, Davis RC, Manningham RC, Jackson RC, Woodson RC, Dorsey RC, Calvin Johnson

    All in all, not a bad lot of packs, especially considering they were free.  The best news was that I ended up picking up a Kurt Warner I needed for my second set, leaving just a handful of RCs before I get that done.  The rest, besides the Manningham and Hart, are available (just leave a comment) or I'll see about packaging them up in a giveaway or contest later.

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