Tuesday, July 9, 2019

2019 trade package #19: Parts of My Past

Time sure flies, doesn't it?  Especially when you're lazy about posting new stuff?  I can hardly believe that this evening's post marks the 15th time I'm showing off a trade package from Matt over at Parts of My Past!  As was the case in May, May again, April, and April again, I was treated to a PWE from my fellow 90s collecting bro.

Here's the goods:
Yesterday's post included a card of OF Daz Cameron, one of the prospects that came over from Houston in the Verlander trade.  Today's includes a 2019 Bowman Chrome Scouts Top 100 insert of pitcher Franklin Perez, initially thought to be the biggest get for the Tigers in that deal.  He indeed remains a top 100 guy but needs to get healthy and stay that way to have a shot at success in the Majors.

Next to him was a surprise autograph of a guy that serves as a possible outcome for Perez:  Seth Greisinger.  The '96 first-rounder--#6 overall, ahead of guys like Mark Kotsay, Eric Chavez, and R.A. Dickey--made 21 stars with the '98 Tigers, lost a pair of seasons to injury, then appeared in just 21 more games in 2002 and '04-'05.  He's got a nice signature, though, and that's a highlight of the Best autograph you see above.

Then we get into Matt's wheelhouse with a trio of Griffey cards, all of which are new to me.  The Griffey dupe exodus continued its monthly journey from Vermont to my mailbox, landing me a sweet UD trio:  base cards from 2002 flagship (another from Junior's subset) and 2007 Goudey, plus a '92 Team MVP Hologram (also flagship), which was definitely my favorite from the envelope.  If you found a hologram card (non-lenticular category, like Sportflix) you loved in the 90s, chances are the good folks at Upper Deck were responsible!  Ken continues to work toward #1 PC guy Ripken with 864 cards.

Speaking of Cal, who rules the roost with 909 items and counting, he's here too, on a 2017 Topps Memorable Moments insert (one of two Ripkens in that set) that highlights his MVP nod in the All-Star Game played during his sunset season 18 years ago.  Timely content!

Last up is another All-Star in blog namesake guy Justin Verlander on a textbook Topps Heritage insert from last year:  New Age Performers.  Mr. Upton continues to be a performer all right, with a 10-4 record and 3.7 bWAR at the break.  He still needs more than 150 wins and ~44 bWAR to equal his output with his original team, though!

Matt, once again, thanks for a fun surprise PWE!  I nabbed a few more Giants items at the show this past Saturday and will put together a return when I have a bit more to fill a mailer.  Meanwhile, keep those PWEs flying out of the northeast so the rest of us can keep having a blast opening them!


  1. Seth Greisinger - there's a name I haven't heard in forever!

  2. It's not often you see Griffey bunting on cards. I wonder how many times he actually laid down a bunt in a MLB game during his career.

  3. Glad you enjoyed!! When I get stocked up again on stamps, I have more Kens to head your way!