Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Sportlots purchases: Hal-py new year!

It's New Year's Eve and I'm sneaking in one last post for 2017.  My next Sportlots subject is one of my supercollection guys, Hal Morris:
I knocked off a ton of needs for my Morris PC starting with this '89-'91 junk wax sampler that includes Fleer and Topps Glossy/Tiffany parallels, a couple Score boxed sets, and base cards from Donruss, OPC, and Topps.  I sure am glad the Yanks flipped him to the Reds in '89!
Here we finish up '91 before moving on to the following year.  The former includes another Score boxed set issue, Topps insert, Tiffany parallel, and the one oddball on the day from a Topps/Toys 'r' Us partnership.  For 1992 a couple more Score issues are joined by second-year Studio, Upper Deck base, and its pointless Gold Hologram version.  I did scan the back for the album but won't bother showing that here.
The first six cards here cover 1993 and hail from Donruss, OPC, Stadium Club (Members Only), Topps (and Gold), and Upper Deck (another Gold Hologram).  That UD card features a great shot!  Then 1994 opens with Gold and Silver Signature parallels from the debut of UD's Collector's Choice, plus a Flair base.  I was especially glad to track down the Gold Signature because those can get unreasonably pricey sometimes.
In this scan we finish up '94 with an out-of-nowhere OPC design and UD's Electric Diamond parallel of the flagship product.  Then '95 opens with a Collector's Choice trio:  base, Gold Signature, and SE Silver Signature.  Notice anything on the middle card?  I'll give you a second to compare it to the Silver one on the right.



Yep, that signature belongs to a different Morris:  newly-minted Tigers HOF pitcher Jack!  The error went uncorrected.

We continue that year with cards from Donruss' Top of the Order game, one of Leaf's coolest base sets, and an insert from that same product, 300 Club.  Hal indeed hit .313 from 1988-94 with a career high .340 in 1990, his first season with the Reds.  He'd finish his career at .304 over 13 seasons, during which he eclipsed the .300 mark six times.
You can tell I had a lot of luck finding Hal's stuff from 1995 because this whole scan is from that year and still doesn't finish it out.  The first row starts with Leaf's high end Limited product then moves on to Pacific's restrained Crown Collection and acid trip Prism set.  Down the middle is a fun trio of Score's Hall of Gold parallel, Pinnacle's high end Select Certified, and blog favorite Sportflix from the first of its two-year run.  The bottom features Topps' Stadium Club Members Only 50 (a boxed set available to club members), Pinnacle's Summit, and Topps' (thankfully) short-loved Embossed.
The first five cards here are finally enough to finish up '95.  The execrable Topps Embossed duo is complete thanks to the Golden Idols parallel, and then we have an UD trio of Electric Diamond, League Leader Predictor, and Special Edition.  The first year of Zenith is finally the end.

Then '96 begins with a nice bunch that includes another Collector's Choice Gold Signature knocked off; the artistically framed Emotion-XL, Flair, and Fleer.  The latter is, of course, part my favorite two-year run of Fleer's flagship product thanks to the matte finish and excellent overall design.
It won't take nearly as long to finish up Hal's '96 stuff--just the first six cards here.  A nice looking Bronze Press Proof from Leaf (just 2000 copies!) gives way to a couple more beauties in Select Certified and its Certified Red version (whoa, only 1800 of those!).  Second-year Summit and its foil parallel (one of three available) and a very nice UD flagship design close things out.

It's a very eclectic start to 1997 (which is 20 years ago for a bit longer!) with Bowman's International parallel and base cards from Fleer's Circa and Leaf.
We briefly cap off the year that was 1997 with Score parallels:  Showcase Series and its Artist's Proofs version.

Then we can move on to what's about to be 20 years ago very soon!  That's the year Hal joined the Royals for just a season before returning to the Reds.

Pacific is a big part of this can with cards from Aurora, Online (and its Red parallel) and Revolution.  Online was such a weird product and it's a huge pain in the ass trying to find the Web Cards and Winners versions!

Pinnacle's not terribly useful Plus product is the only example from that brand, and then we finish with a couple Topps issues:  an Inaugural Diamondbacks version of the base flagship card and then the Silver version of Morris' appearance in Stars (#3900/4399).
'98's Ultra Gold Medallion is the last example from that year, and the sepia-toned version is one of the cooler ones Fleer made.  1999 is then dominated once again by Pacific:  a very nice looking flagship product (they made a few around that time), Crown Collection, a less cringeworthy Prism, a Gold parallel from one of my all-time favorites in Paramount, and Private stock.  A lone Ultra card--another Gold Medallion--is the only other '99 challenger.
My horizontal haul is very parallel-heavy for some reason, which is totally fine.  Cards #2 and 8--'93 Upper Deck and Pinnacle's UC3 from '95--are the only base entrants.  The others are '92 Topps Gold, another Gold Hologram from '93 UD, '94 Stadium Club Golden Rainbow and Member's Only, '94 Topps Gold, and one of the bigger finds this time:  a '95 Pinnacle Artist's Proof.  Trust me, those can be tough to land!
Today's final scan opens with five more x-axis cards:  '96 Pinnacle Foil and Score Dugout Collection, plus '98 Crown Royale, Fleer Tradition, and SPx Finite (#7457/9000).  The latter gives me Hal's trio from the product.

We'll go small ball for the final cards:  Topps Micros from 1991-93, and a 1999 Private Stock PS-206 mini.

In all I added an excellent 96 cards to my Morris PC, 95 of which went towards his checklist to give me 254 of the 359 I have listed (about 70%), and 260 total issues.  This was a very productive purchase when it came to his collection!

With all of that out of the way, happy new year to each of you who read and follow, and may your year of collecting in 2018 be a great one!


  1. Great cards Dennis, and a very happy new year to you as well!!

    1. Thanks! May this be a year of insanity of the serial-numbered variety for you

  2. Would never have thought collecting Hal Morris would be so interesting.

    1. A few years ago I wouldn't have thought so either but now I love chasing down all these PCs.

  3. Wow... that's quite the Morris haul. That Certified Red card looks especially awesome! If I were a Reds, Phillies, or Cardinals fan... I'd be rushing over to COMC or Sportlots trying to track them down. Happy New Year!

    1. Good call! Parallels that match uniform colors are excellent, you're right. Maybe green ones for your A's? Happy New Year to you as well, Mr. Fuji.