Saturday, August 19, 2017

2017 JustCommons purchase: just the rest

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Back in late May I made my largest JustCommons purchase yet:  around 330 cards for about $57.  That total included a few things heading into trade packages, but overall I added almost 300 new cards to some of my baseball PCs.  Over something like seven different posts I'll cover those new cards, player by player!

I've been busy/lazy/tired/sick since I last posted on this series, but it's long since past time I finished it, so let's get it done!  Today's post includes four players for whom I didn't land enough cards to merit their own posts:

Hey, a new Rich Hill!  This one is another entry in his 2016 Topps/Chrome rainbow, in this case the Chrome Sapphire parallel.  About a year ago these came out in complete set form, limited to just 250 sets, along with tougher parallels--thirteen numbered /5 and a pair of SuperFractors; the "base" cards like this one aren't numbered, though.  The blue is a very nice color for this design, though the fact that there's not much "border" on this card gives you less of it.

My 256th Hill issue keeps me right around the 2/3 mark of his run as he's appeared in a few other products this year, much to my approval.
Former Reds/Astros/Pirates pitcher Ross Powell makes his second appearance on this here blog (and first in about six months) with his RC out of 1994 Topps Traded.  Powell toiled in the minors for Cincy from the point he was drafted in '89 until a 1994 trade to Houston that brought seven-year Reds C Ed Taubensee back to the Reds.

I love me a good update/traded set, and Topps' '94 version is one I don't currently own in its entirety, so it's fun to pick up singles like this once in a while.  It gives me four of his seven cards, all '94 issues, with a couple reinforcements on the way!
Don't worry, not every player in this post is a former Wolverines LHP, but we do have one more to get to.  The two-sport talent Clayton Richard, a former Michigan QB, (as if I haven't mentioned that before) was picked up by the Cubs in 2015, and he went on to appear in 48 games with them between then and 2016, though he was let go before Chicago's World Series run.  Richard landed on his feet, though, with a return to San Diego as a decent innings-eater if nothing else; he remains a possibility for an August waiver claim/trade.

My lone pickup of him here is his 2015 Topps Update base that reflects his new Cubs uniform.  I actually already had the Gold parallel before this one, giving me just the pair from that year's rainbow.  Overall I have 112 of 154 issues of his that I've counted.
Former Tiger Alan Trammell threw out the first pitch for today's game, but it's his double-play partner Lou Whitaker who's starring in this post, outdoing the other guys with four new cards.

First up is the oddball of the bunch, a 1984 Fleer sticker, which happens to be my second of his from that bunch.

Next is a somewhat more mainstream example of a card from Donruss' 1990 Baseball's Best boxed set, in this case the AL version.  You can read more about those cards on BaseballCardPedia.

Then we have a couple parallels, starting with the Silver Signature version of Lou's 1995 Collector's Choice SE base.  SE was a slightly different version of Collector's Choice that included more foil and different photos, but it still included the signature parallels like this one, which includes a cameo of Twins CF Alex Cole trying to steal second.

The last one in the quartet is Whitaker's all gold foil Gold Medallion parallel from 1996 Ultra.  I believe this is the only year Fleer went with this design as the '95 version used a smaller medallion around the brand logo and subsequent versions went away from foil entirely.

With this small haul I moved the needle on Lou's collection up to 242/288 with a lot of toughies remaining (and a bunch of oddballs incoming!).

Whenever I can get back to semi-regular posting, watch for some new trade packages before a huge run of stuff from Sportlots!


  1. That's a really cool Rich Hill refractor. Nothing was cooler in the 90s then the full gold medallion parallels of 1995

  2. It's nice to see some cards of Whitaker. I'm surprised that Topps doesn't feature him more often since he was such a big name back in the 80's. I'd love to see his name on next year's Archives Fan Favorites autograph checklist.