Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 trade package #23: these cards are anything but Pedestrian

Now that I'm back from celebrating Christmas with my family (I hope everyone else also had a great holiday!), I can get back to trade packages.  This one comes from another new-to-me trader:  Chris of the (Pedestrian) Collector.  Chris was actually the very first person to claim items from my giveaway, and I was happy to see that lead to another new trade partner, as was one of my goals with the project.

He sent me this nice little bundle of Tigers:
Binge!  Former SS-turned-C and 3B Brandon Inge was a fun guy to watch with the Tigers despite his often maddening inconsistency.  Here's the 2009 All-Star on his 2000 Topps Chrome Traded RC (which would have come from a box set).  Following him is former teammate and fellow left-of-the-infield (SS) guy Jhonny Peralta on a 2013 Topps Gold insert, #d 1879/2013.  He made it to the World Series with Detroit in 2012, bookended by All-Star campaigns.  And finally, from 2015 Topps Heritage we have a multiplayer rookie card of a couple 2016 Tigers:  starting C James McCann and RP Kyle Ryan, who's pitched in parts of three seasons in Motown.
Hey, cool, a new entry for my Alan Trammell PC!  Chris went back to 1988, when I would have been five, for this oddballish Topps Big card from the first of the product's three-year run.  The front features two photos of Tram, one being a portrait of a still-young Tiger and the other of the should-be HOFer in action at home at familiar Tiger Stadium with a pretty intense look while making a play.  I'm not that far over the 100-card mark in his collection so I love getting "new" stuff like this!
And then there's my favorite of the bunch:  this 1960 Topps of pitcher Frank Lary, who's mostly known for his 11 years with the Tigers.  The year this card came out, Frank embarked on his first of two straight All-Star appearances, including a career season of 1961 in which he went 23-9 with 22 complete games, won a Gold Glove, and finished third in the AL Cy Young voting.

This card is just my fourth Tiger issue from that 56-year-old set to go along with Al Kaline, Paul Foytack, and a team card; I also have one non-Tiger from the set:  a low-grade Carl Yastrzemski RC.  This is a great looking design with multiple photos and one of my all-time favorite versions of the tiger logo on a card.  I'm happy to add it to my criminally-neglected (by me) vintage collection.

Chris, thanks again for participating in the giveaway and for becoming a new trade partner!  I look forward to more trades like this one in the future, especially as I pile up more Red Sox stuff for you.


  1. Thanks for doing the giveaway, I did get the Red Sox cards and I'll post about them either tomorrow or Wednesday. Glad I could find some cards you needed-I had an extra Frank Lary & didn't see a card of the "Yankee killer" in your album so I had to pass one on. I've got a few more Trammell, Morris, Fielder, etc in my binders but you probably have most of 'em. And I did break open a set of 2000TCT (for the Miguel Cabrera RC) I have the other Tigers if you want me to set them aside for you.

    Looking forward to more trades!

    1. If I have another Lary you're right that it's not up in that album, so I'll have to take a look. "Yankee Killer" was right! And I don't mind dupes of those guys, though I'm pretty set on their 1980s stuff. And I'm good on the 2000 TCT Tigers, but I hope you got a good Cabrera.