Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 trade package #22: not Chuck-ing out these Tigers

Well, I think I'm ready to call my recent giveaway/tradeapalooza a success.  Between the giveaway and some already scheduled trade packages, I believe I sent out a total of 28 bubble mailers/flat-rate envelopes/boxes to 27 folks (one person got two because I forgot to send something the first time!) and two PWEs.  From a combination of USPS tracking, with its Nuke LaLoosh-esque accuracy, and actually talking to people, I think about half of those shipments have arrived, and I've already seen some posts from a few that received them, which I totally enjoy.  Thanks for showing off your loot, guys!

I didn't get rid of all of the lots--more like a quarter of them--but I did free up some space, get some stuff in the hands of willing collectors, and I even got in touch with a few new trading partners.  These days I don't do the latter often enough considering the fact that working with new folks has led directly to establishing some of my favorite traders time and again.

One of those new-to-me traders was reader Chuck (if you have a blog that I'm missing, just let me know and I'll update this to link to you!), a Wisconsin-ite.  He wanted a Mike Piazza Starting Lineup I posted and we quickly and easily came to a trade I know I'm happy with.  Here's what headed back my way:
Former Tigers OF Torii Hunter knows that Topps Chipz are totally wake and on the flick, right, kidz?  RADICAL! (Do kids say "radical" anymore?)  While Topps had as much chance of making "fetch" happen as they did this goofy experiment, I'll happily add this to my little pile of Hunter's Tigers cards.  I should also point out that this was a fun throw-in from Chuck, by the way.
Mr. Manu-Tiger!  I just made fun of Topps (in a post where all three items were made by those guys) but for whatever reason I enjoy a number of their manurelics like this rookie reprint "patch" from 2013.  Reprint burnout aside, I can see this as a fun way to get kids interested in some older players and cards, and if they don't, well, I still have fun with them.  Now I just need to get me the real deal....
Joining Kaline is an actual relic:  an Ivan Rodriguez bat piece from 2008 A&G.  That's another product I don't care for in general yet I don't think I've seen a design for these framed mini relics I didn't like.  It's nice enough getting a new hit of the soon-to-be-HOFer, but it's even better that it's a card of him with the Tigers, a team he helped bring back to respectability in the mid 2000s.  This represents my fifth hit of the outstanding backstop in my Tigers PC.

Chuck, thanks again for participating in my giveaway and for such a productive trade.  I'm down to deal again anytime you're interested, and I highly recommend that others do the same!


  1. New trade partner! My daughter loves Topps Chipz. Anytime I get some in a trade I have to give them to her or she'll freak out.

    1. You shouldn't have told me that, now I'm gonna try to find a bunch of Chipz at a show and send them to her!

  2. I got my package, I'm still trying to sort all the goodness in it. You might have put my Ripken collection over my Konerko one in most cards. I may eventually get them posted. Thanks brother.

    1. Doubles--doubles everywhere! I was glad to have a few that weren't just junk wax base, too. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!