Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 eBay purchase: Charlie ain't home

It's been a slow couple months for me purchase-wise for a number of reasons--COMC isn't featuring any big sales, eBay has been a bit quiet in terms of my PCs, and I missed a few shows for other obligations.  Then I tried to go to the usual show on Sunday and it was so dead there that I don't think I'll be going for quite a while, but hope to find another to take its place.

However, I did make a pair of eBay buys, one each in August and September, that made for some nice high-end additions to a couple player collections.  Both are Michigan guys, but one of them fits well right here, and you'll get to see him in just a minute.  The other is Rich Hill, whom I'm excited to watch in the playoffs for the first time, even if it's with the Dodgers.  Go check him out over on TMM this evening if that interests you at all.

And now, on to today's card!
Charlie Gehringer 2006 Exquisite Collection Cuts auto (#06/65)
I said high-end, didn't I?  This sweet Charlie Gehringer cut auto is my fifth such card of the Mechanical Man, and fourth from an Upper Deck brand.  While the '05 Legendary Cuts card remains my favorite, I'm very happy with this entry from the following year's Exquisite Collection product.  As I've said before, I prefer these cuts to have an image of the player if possible, and that's something UD has been able to do on all four of those.

The cut obviously comes from a Hall of Fame postcard, and I'm sure I have Charlie's around somewhere as I purchased the set around 15 years ago (which means I have some catching up to do!), so maybe I'll post that sometime.  In this case the cut portion wasn't large enough to take up the half of the card used to hold it, but overall I still give the design a thumbs up.  Interestingly enough I have one other cut auto with a postcard signature like this one, and that's the Panini Limited Cuts version in the group.

Now that I'm up to five cut signatures of Gehringer here's a look at the quintet:
And now, the beautiful and extremely talented ZZ Ward, the inspiration of this post's title, will send us off with a song: