Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 trade package #15: it's clear why I love trading with Bob Walk the Plank!

Yes I still exist, I've just been posting less frequently because [insert excuse here].  I really do have a good reason, though!  In preparation for another fun spring summer cleaning I'm doing a big reorg of my collection to once again clear out things I don't want so I can get them into your collections.  I'm still not quite sure when that'll be, but I'm shooting for the next couple weeks.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that I received a pair of new trade packages in rapid succession this week, and given my plans for this evening today is a perfect day to post one of them.  Here's another outstanding two-card package from Matt of Bob Walk the Plank.  (Incidentally, while I love receiving lots of cards in trades, sometimes it's a nice change of pace when I only have to scan, post, and discuss two!)
J.D. Martinez 2016 Topps Clear (#10/10)
First up is this outstanding Clear parallel of injured Tigers star J.D. Martinez, who wants to remind you to
You've all seen his bat--don't make him come after you with his BOOMSTICK.  Anyway, this is a totally fun and completely unexpected addition to one of my Tigers PCs, and it's especially apropos today as this evening I'm heading down to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers take on the Royals and (hopefully) get my hands on the night's giveaway:  a J.D. Martinez bobblehead!  We'll see if I can be one of the first 10,000 to enter the park tonight.

This is just my second example of one of Topps' nicer designs recently; I also have Wolverine (and former Royal) Chris Getz's version from 2014.  It's such a cool concept that I have a hard time believing Topps actually went ahead with it.  "What do you mean it's not just another different color?" was likely heard multiple times around the design table.  Multiple 90s and 2000s insert designs, such as 2000 Ultra's Swing Kings, proved that this look can be a winner when done right, and Topps done right here.  As rare as it is to say, I'm happy it's true, and I'm even happier that Matt tracked down this copy of one of the Tigers' brightest "Future Stars" [cue enormous eye-roll].  Like Topps, I don't have to go out on a huge limb here when I say that this is currently the gem of my J.D. collection.

The other card is of a player I usually associate with my Michigan PCs, but he has broad enough appeal that I thought I'd just stick with one trade post over here today:
Jim Abbott 2013 Gypsy Queen Autographs auto
Jim Abbott.  Jim Abbott?  Jim Abbott.
What a crime that show got cut down in its prime.  Anyway, file this card under "I don't have that already?  It looks so familiar!  Yeah, I have it.  I think.  Let me take a look.  Oh wait, I don't have it!"  Which means I'm happily adding my eighth autograph of the inspiring lefty.  I love shots like this that show some part of his unique pitching process, and the old California Angel uni/logos and look of determination on Jim's face combine to make this one a big winner.

Thanks for another outstanding pair, Matt!  I look forward to seeing your reaction to the latest bunch I sent you as we continue one of my favorite back-and-forth trade partnerships.

And go Tigers tonight!


  1. Just the tip of the iceberg. I'll have something with more substance soon!

    1. Looking back, this was an excellent combo. J.D. has been great this year and I've managed to see some of his games in-person too!