Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 trade package #7: two many PCs from My Sports Obsession

Jeff from My Sports Obsession had just sent me a package last month when out of the blue another PWE with his name on it arrived this afternoon.  Let's look at some tradin' cards!:
A trio of Tigers.  Maggs' card is from 2007 Triple Threads and is the Gold version numbered to 99.  He's bookended by a couple 2016 Heritage Chrome Purple Refractors of current guys on the team, 2B Ian Kinsler and some guy named Verlander.  The JV is especially nice, not just since it goes into his PC, but also because it's my first 2016 card of this here blog's inspiration.  I still think Topps should go with blue, which always looks good, but you just can't go wrong with a Refractor's...uh...Refractoriness.
1996 Studio Stained Glass Stars
1998 Ultra Fall Classics
1999 UD Ionix Hyper
2000 Fleer Tradition Hall's Well
2008 Topps Chrome X-Fractor
And a five-spot of Madduxes (Madduxi?  Madduci?).  Two of these happen to come from a pair of my all-time favorite sets; the first is the beautifully done Stained Glass Stars from Donruss' excellent '96 Studio product.  The colorful, die-cut clear plastic look is amazing, so I wasn't even mad when Topps swiped the idea later--more is better!  You'd better believe the "90s inserts rule" tag has been deployed today.

Next up chronologically is a pair of shinies from the end of the decade:  a dazzling red Fall Classics from '98 Ultra and an insert called "Hyper" from 1999's Ionix, UD's answer to the question "How can we make a set that's as garish as most of what Pacific has to offer?"

2000 Fleer Traditions' Hall's Well set is my other favorite of this bunch, and I really should consider just piecing the whole set together because it's got many of the same things going for it as the Stained Glass card above, plus the red/white/blue make it look very patriotic.

And we close the book on this PWE with another Refractor, of sorts--an X-Fractor from 2008 Topps Chrome, a card with one of those jarring photos of Mad Dog in a Padres uni.

Thanks a ton for finding these for me and sending them my way, Jeff!  I still have a nice pile of stuff for you set aside either to mail your way or hand off to you if you make it up here for the Spring Game in April!


  1. Great 1 click and 5 more Madduxes to chase. Might be seeing your boy in Lakeland tomorrow

    1. Yes sir, that was a fine bunch of Madduxes (Madduci? What's the plural of "Maddux"?). I know this was two months ago, but did you ever see JV during spring training?