Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 trade package #2: Fuji sends me some paper Tigers

One of my favorite all-time west-coast traders, Mark of the Chronicles of Fuji, recently sent me my second trade package of the year, and just like my first it's another two-parter!  Please make sure to head over to TMM for more nice stuff, including what I consider the highlight of the package.

The last time he sent me cards (in November) he acted like it might be a while before he did so again because he was low on trade bait, but I've known Fuji long enough to realize he doesn't roll that like--he's too generous to go that long without sending you stuff!

Here's some Tigers from the flea market fanatic:
We start off with some great inserts.  Remember, there's no such thing as a bad Refractor, especially when it's blue!  All-Star SS Carlos Guillen arrives in the form of this 2008 Topps Chrome done up in the best color possible.  Following him is reliever Luke Putkonen on a 2013 Emerald parallel.  I hope he regains his health and can get his career back on track.  Finally, we go back to blue with a 2014 parallel of 2B Devon Travis, whom the Tigers unfortunately (for Detroit fans, not Toronto-ans!) flipped to the Jays for Anthony Gose.  Enjoy your outstanding second baseman, Jays fans!  Travis' card is numbered 044/500, by the way.
This next pair turned into nice additions for my vintage baseball collection; chances are if it's from the 70s and back I probably don't have it, so I really appreciate those of you that treat me to older cards like this, especially of Tigers.  The '67 card actually includes a pair of Tigers in Denny McLain and Earl Wilson, and here "Pitching Leaders" signifies wins;  Kaat led the league with 25 of those in '66, McLain took the silver with 20, and Wilson tallied 18 (including 13 with Detroit) after heading to Detroit that June.

Meanwhile the '69 version focuses on strikeouts, with McDowell's 283 edging out McLain's 280; Tiant trailed with 264.  I'm of course amused that Topps used the same image for McLain two years apart, but it's not a huge deal since they're well-known for having done that.

There was one more card in the package that took me a bit by surprise:
From the 2004 USA Baseball 25th Anniversary set comes an autograph of former Team USA member and Reds 2000 second-round catcher Dane Sardinha.  This threw me for a loop until I vaguely remembered him signing with the Tigers years ago.  BBR confirmed that the Hawaiian was a backup in Motown from 2008-2009 after seeing action with the Reds in one game each in '03 and '05.  He finished up his career in Philly in 2010-11.

I'll be happy to make this available to fans of the Reds, Phillies, or Team USA.

Thanks again for surprising me with some great stuff, Mark, and hopefully I'll have a few things headed back your way before long!

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