Sunday, October 18, 2015

10/2/2015 card show report: baseball bonanza!

Only more than two weeks late, I'm finally getting around to posting my haul from the monthly Taylor Town Trade Center show I hit up on Friday the second.  I believe I made two purchases, one of which was a lot of base/inserts and the other of which was some nice trade bait hits that have since been sent out.

In contrast to my usual habits, this time I managed to land a bunch of stuff for my own PCs.  Some of that, per usual, is over on TMM today, but with the playoffs in full swing, here's your bonanza of baseball stuff!
Leading off is a cool numbered (to 299) Magglio from UD's 2007 Future Stars product, and that's followed by another former Tiger, manager Sparky Anderson, who's pictured with the Reds on this lovely 1974 Topps issue.  That's as far back as these go, and the next five are all of 90s it kid Ken Griffey Jr.  The shiny Leaf Statistical Standouts is my favorite, but the last card is the Original Backs version of his 2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out (because she's so fat):
A single Maddux insert from 1994 Stadium Club joins copies of Griffey's and Gwynn's cards, the latter of which you'll see in a second.  Lastly, a nice 90s Gwynn insert kicks off a nice run of his cards in this next scan:
The first six cards are from a 1992 Ultra set devoted to Gwynn, and while the border is huge and tacky, they do feature some nice photos.  I've already got the last four from the set on the way from Sportlots, because why not?  The aforementioned Stadium Club insert is joined by a couple more shining examples of 90s insert goodness--just check out that radical Score logo from '96!

The rest of my haul from this seller was 20(!) mostly oddball cards of Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr.:
There were so many that I just dumped them on my scanner in random order until I could look them up later.  There's a nice mix from the 80s and 90s.
I'm old enough to remember when Rite Aid was Perry Drugs!  In the first two scans we get issues from them as well as Quaker and KMart.  The latter two cards in this scan are from "normal" sets including a fantastic photo from 1992 Score's Dream Team subset.  Iron Man, meet the iron horse!
The last two cards are actually pretty good.  First up is one of the several highlights variations from 2000 Topps Chrome, this one noting Ripken's streak finally ending.  The other is from 1996 Fleer Update, and I love any card that highlights Cal's glove skills.

Oh yeah, I found one other relevant card from the seller that had some nice hits:
Ripken relic, baby!  This single-color swatch is from 2002 Sweet Spot Classics and is my 9th relic (including manupatches) of Cal.  Would you believe it set me back just five bucks?

Back with more stuff soon, maybe!


  1. Exactly my type of cards ! I really like that Gwynn subset

    1. Hell yeah, 90s inserts were the best! I found the other Gwynns I needed pretty cheap on Sportlots if you ever decide to chase them (assuming shipping doesn't kill the deal)

  2. So many Ripken oddballs! Very very cool.