Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 trade package #13: Saturday Night SCFtDS Fever

Canadian blogging superstar and all-around great guy Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store sent me yet another in a long line of fantastic trade packages this month.  It may be after 10 (EST) on a Saturday night--a weird time for blogging, at least for me, but I don't foresee having much time in the next couple days what with Memorial Day festivities and the like.  So instead of taking the whole weekend off I'm showing off the contents of this package here and over on TMM with the added benefit that it'll get plenty of run at the top of the blog since I won't be replacing it for a few days!

The TMV portion of the package was smaller, as is tradition,
but there was still some useful stuff in it:
My first Tigers card of Yo-Yo Cespedes from this year's Donruss set (which makes me pine for the Donruss products of yore); a Bowman Chrome also from this year of Tigers #8 prospect (according to BA) Austin Kubitza--Detroit's 2013 fourth-rounder; and an '06-'07 base card of Wings defenseman legend Nick Lidstrom.

Oh yeah, and this bad boy:
Justin Verlander 2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics jersey
My first 2015 Verlander card is a nice relic from 2015 Heritage thanks to Doug!  It's my 9th JV relic and 16th hit overall.  I hope this is a sign that Justin will be back from injury and giving the team a boost very soon!

Please don't forget to check out the highlight reel cards Doug sent my way over on TMM as well this evening.

Doug, thanks as always for keeping things interesting and fun!  I'll have a pretty solid response heading your way in the next couple weeks including a couple cards I know you'll enjoy very much (as is tradition, as is tradition).


  1. Sweet Verlander! I like this year's Heritage Clubhouse Collection relics. Solid design.

  2. Doug is the man!

    Verlander just needs to realize that he can't strike out 15 guys a game anymore. His stuff is still good, but he needs to reinvent himself. If he comes back and is good the Tigers will win the division. The way the Royals are going their bullpens arms will have fallen off by the All Star break.

    1. Everyone should be so lucky to get cards from Doug!

      Verlander does seem like he's healthier at this point so I agree it's on him to get his stuff straight and do what he can with it.