Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 COMC purchase: Motown Mechanics

I do have one other COMC card to show off over here, though it also features in tonight's post over on TMM.  Since not many of you necessarily read both of my blogs, I thought I'd give it its own spotlight over here:
Charlie Gehringer 2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 300 manupatch (#216/300)
This sweet Gehringer manupatch is from 2004 Sweet Spot, and it proves UD was making some solid manufactured relics before Topps started up their own offerings.  COMC has another version that's a bit rarer and replaces the hat logo with a patch commemorating the '34 World Series.  I have a Frank Robinson patch similar to the Gehringer above, plus a Walter Johnson '24 Series patch along the lines of what I linked to above.  All of them look great and you really can't go wrong with the set.

As it's my first "hit" of the Mechanical Man, it mark's Charlie's first appearance in my Tigers PC, and it's a nice new addition to my PC of the HOF 2B, which stands at 22 cards right now.  Hopefully I'll have something even nicer of his to show off before long.