Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy outgoing mail Friday!

I'm just back from the post office taking care of shipping four trade packages I've been dragging my feet on or just couldn't send until today:

None are surprises, so I'll reveal their eventual destinations right away (click the banners to go to each blog):
This is a newer blog run by Pirates/WVU Mountaineers fan Matt, so check it out!

Brad recently traded me a beautiful Drew Smyly Refractor auto along with a bunch of Tigers, and since my COMC package arrived today, I'm finally able to respond in kind, so keep your eye out for a trade post from him soon!
GCRL promised me a pretty exciting vintage card, among other stuff, for a few specific COMC wants, so I look forward to seeing how that return turns out.

Spiegel asked for--surprise--a Hideo Nomo insert on COMC, and I was happy to oblige and make that part of a trade package headed to his coast.  I don't know what he has planned for me, but everyone knows he's great to trade with so I can't wait!

You guys should all hopefully see your packages by Tuesday.  Sorry to those of you I made wait this long, and thanks again for making trades with me and making the blogging experience that much better!


  1. Awesome! Hopefully you will be receiving my care package soon. Thanks for the plug!

    1. Got it (and posting a trade package soon), and I hope yours arrive safely. Thanks again!