Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 trade package #26: a Canadian dollar's worth of Red Wings

Doug from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store just doesn't know when to quit, and I sure as hell won't be the one to tell him to.  I've received so many packages from him recently that if I don't get another within 10 days I may head north of the border to make sure he's still alive.

My post over on TMM this evening details the meat of the latest package he sent, but I certainly couldn't leave out another group of hockey cards that belongs right here:  a pile of Red Wings!
I'll have to check, but considering how much of 2013-14 Score hockey Doug busted, this group (and the first two from the next scan) may very well be a Wings team set, which would be very cool.  Oddly enough, out of this group a decent number definitely won't be or may not be returning.  That's ok, it's a good reminder of a team that overachieved in the playoffs and pushed the eventual champs to the brink.
Lashoff was indeed a rookie last year, and the defenseman potted a goal and added four assists in 31 regular season games, then participated in three playoff contests (with no offensive output).  Jordin Tootoo makes a fun appearance on the leaders card as he ran away with the team penalty minutes crown, with his 78 destroying second place Niklas Kronwall's 44.  Meanwhile, Elite proves to be an apt description for Motown Star Henrik Zetterberg.  And finally, the Heritage Cup champs card is my favorite of the bunch as it gives me warm fuzzy memories of the '02-'03 team that made sure Detroit's Cup drought wouldn't last nearly as long as the last one.

Thanks again for including these, Doug, and I look forward to our next trade!  I heartily recommend my readers to head over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store for hockey hilarity right away.

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