Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You Complete Me is back again...again, Part 5

Well here we are again, the last day of YCM pickups from my most recent purchases.  Since this is the final post, you can expect a nice payoff, and I hope this post delivers!

Envelope #1 (SportLots):
This is the package I saved for last because it was pretty much the least interesting, featuring 11 cards from 2002 Topps Total plus a single 2009 Topps entry.  Still, it got the job done as it put me a single card away from each set!  This seems like a good time to highlight Pat Neshek, despite his recent demotion to AAA, because he's a friend to the hobby and all-around good guy.  I'm sure collectors the world over are rooting for him to come back with a vengeance; count me in!
# of cards:  12
# of sets added to:  2
# of sets completed:  0

Envelope #2 (COMC):
Like I said in a previous post, my COMC package showed up to save the day!  It made more financial and/or logistical sense to pick these up there instead of SportLots.  No problem for me since I was already putting together another shipment with them anyway.  To start with, Jeter finally completes my 2002 Topps Total set, which I consider a huge accomplishment since it encompasses all of 990 cards.  It'll pair up nicely with the same set from 2003 in my collection.  Next up, the Pujols was the very last card I needed from 2009 Topps, a set I pieced together entirely from retail rack packs, trades, and the one-two combo of SportLots and COMC!
Next up is a trio from 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects.  These last three guys--Aroldis Chapman, Dustin Ackley and Anthony Rizzo--were understandably a bit higher in demand than some of their set-mates, especially the Rizzo!  It's possible that taking this long to knock those out cost me a bit more than it would have closer to the set's release, but whatever, it's done and I'm thrilled.
Lastly we have a single card from 2006 Bowman football, a second-year issue of Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers.  As a reminder, 2006 Bowman was the first box I broke for this blog, which in three days will have happened three years ago!  So the math is relatively easy to do if I want to figure out just how long I dragged my feet completing the set!
Like I said, today was definitely the payoff day with the COMC package completing all four sets it touched on thanks to the grunt work of the previous packages.
# of cards:  6
# of sets added to:  4
# of sets completed:  4

Stats for the day:
  • Packages:  2
  • Total cards:  18
  • Sets added to:  4
  • Sets completed:  4

Total You Complete Me stats:
  • Packages:  11
  • Total cards:  78
  • Sets added to:  6
  • Sets completed:  6
Once again this was a very productive endeavor.  When I started this time, I was working on 16 sets missing a combined 419 cards from my baseball and football lists.  Today those numbers dwindle to just 10 and 341, making me shake my head as I remember when those lists were almost as long as my reasons for wanting to fire Jim Leyland.  Hooray for set-building!

I'll be back tomorrow with another celebratory post for an entirely different reason.

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