Saturday, August 24, 2013

You Complete Me is back again...again, Part 3

It's been a few days since I last posted, but I'm back with two more SportLots packages for you this evening, putting a dent in a few more of my sets:

Envelope #1 (SportLots):
First of all, sorry that there's even more 2002 Topps Total today, which is hard to avoid since they were part of just about every one of my packages, but we're getting there!  I didn't plan on the pair in this package being Rockies, that's just how it worked out.  The '09 Topps pair of Lincecum and Fowler (another Rockie!) almost put that list on life support.  The pair of unscannable 2010 BowChros today is Met Eric Niesen and Tigers pitching prospect Adam Wilk.  From '08 Topps football the VY is a timely card as he just won the Green Bay backup QB job with a very nice pre-season so far.  Finally, 2012 Topps Archives makes its debut in these posts with this quartet.  I wonder if Vance Worley signed off on that inset photo?  Anyway, I'm now down to just ONE card needed from that set!

# of cards:  12
# of sets added to:  5
# of sets completed:  0

Envelope #2 (SportLots):
Blah, it's four more cards from 2002 Topps Total.  With their addition (and the ones above) I'm down to 14 cards needed, so like I said, we're getting there!
# of cards:  4
# of sets added to:  1
# of sets completed:  0

Stats for the day:
  • Packages:  2
  • Total cards:  16
  • Sets added to:  5
  • Sets completed:  0

Total You Complete Me stats:
  • Packages:  8
  • Total cards:  38
  • Sets added to:  6
  • Sets completed:  0

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