Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 rack pack

With my birthday upcoming, my brother and sis-in-law hit me up with a few nice presents during my quick stop in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago.  One of them, since my brother knows me so well, was a pack of baseball cards!  A rack of 2013 Topps Series 1 to be specific.  I won't bore you further since you surely just want to see the goods; here they are:

First, notes on availability of these cards:  the Emerald Santiago is PC, and therefore I'm keeping it.  Everything else is up for grabs, though, so just leave me a comment mentioning what you want.  Please note that if you send me a comment from an account that isn't tied to an email address I can reply to, or don't at least include some way of contacting you, I'm not going to hunt you down and your card(s) will remain up for grabs.

Second, just to see if any of you are still paying attention, the first person to comment and tell me which book and movie I'm referencing in the title and first sentences of this TMM post will have that Million Dollar Chase unused code emailed to them.

Now, for my quick thoughts on the cards:

  • I could use SO much less border on the base set--I feel like I'm missing at least half of each photo.  I guess nobody does it like Upper Deck!
  • The League Leader cards still bore me as usual.
  • There's some nice action shots this year, including Seager's and Descalso's.
  • Out of the group of inserts, the only ones I cared for at all were the Emerald (not my favorite color parallel, but not bad) and the Mini.  I still think the "exclusive" retail parallels are annoying cash grabs.  The other ones just kind of run together for me.
So while I can't say I ended up with much at all that I'll end up keeping, most important for me here was the fun of ripping open yet another pack!  And in this case, that's enough for me to say that it wasn't just the thought that counted, but the execution as well.  Long live pack-ripping (and trade bait)!


  1. Sometimes They Come Back--Stephen King??

    1. Not even close! Feel free to try again, though.

  2. My guess on the reference: Karoke by Kathy Li?

    As to the cards...I'd be interested in the following:
    A. Jones (Base)
    B. Lyon (Base)
    K. Correia (Base)
    Trout (CTD)
    Cargo (Mini)
    Longroia (CH)

    you can reach me at

    1. Never heard of that, but I'm going for more of a classic in terms of what I referenced.

      I'll be happy to set all of those aside for you. Do you have anything from my sets and players wantlists so we can make a deal?