Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 trade package #7: Chipp 'n' Dale? More like Champ 'n' Dave!

A few weeks ago, James of Braves-centric blog Chipp 'n' Dale let me know he had a nice card for my Michigan football PC up for grabs.  As with a few other deals I was working on, this was completed once I scored a card he wanted on COMC.  We each threw in some extras of the other's favorite teams, and just like that, a new trade was born!

You'll have to head over to TMM to see the real highlight of the deal for me, but James sent some nice stuff as well for my other PCs:

Tigers:  old, new and everything in-between, including Verlander (but not Granderson!):

A five-spot of Griffeys, including a few very recent inserts:

James, thanks again for a great deal, and I hope we can make another trade in the future!  Readers, please direct yourselves to Chipp 'n' Dale for a blog that features quality content by an excellent trader, not to mention a very clever name!


  1. Thanks for the write-up Dennis-Glad you liked the cards!