Monday, January 28, 2013

Excuses, excuses (but good news for youses)

I guess the title makes more sense if you read it in his voice
I realize I was pretty lax about posting last week.  Well, more than just lax--I literally posted nothing over here for a week.  I'm here again today to tell you that my posting will again be a bit sparse for a couple days this week, but this time it's not out of laziness, but for a good cause:  I'm putting together a new COMC package so I can finally pay back those of you who sent me some fantastic trade packages late last year and complete a few new trades (plus I also want to send a couple other random ones out).  This one will, as usual, include a ton of stuff for my PCs--especially my Michigan baseball player collections--but I'm working on acquiring some great cards to send to some outstanding traders, new and old.  I'll also be gearing up to send out a few other packages I've owed to some of you for weeks--I promise I'll get those done too.

Because I've got a ton of potential cards in this package and I'm working on getting the best price possible on everything, that'll be my focus for a few days until the last offer has been accepted and I can click "ship."  I hope you don't mind another lull in posting (not that anyone complained last week), but I promise it'll be worth it to many of you.  I'll make sure to make a big deal out of finishing up and getting back to posting, so worry not!
Lots of money will be involved, so here's Matthew Lesko again

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