Thursday, May 17, 2012

You can call me Al: another Dimwitted trade

That's right, it's been a good while since I did a trade post, but I finally made another deal worth posting.  Everybody's favorite Dimwit, Sam, has some of the best luck on his breaks that I've ever seen.  During this break of 2012 Gypsy Queen, he pulled an absolutely ridiculous Cal Ripken Jr. auto/relic.  It's already easy enough to be happy for a guy everybody seems to get along with, but I think we all know the proceeds of that card are going straight back into collecting, which benefits the economy AND us!

Anyway, another card in the break caught my eye and I knew I needed to get it from Sam, so I sent some stuff his way, including a decent Biggio jersey I picked up at the most recent show I hit up.  Sam--I would have posted this sooner, but the US FAIL decided to wait until today to deliver this baby:
Alex Avila 2012 Gypsy Queen jersey

This is my first hit of the Tigers' awesome all-star catcher and it features a pretty solid swatch of a gray Detroit jersey.  Cards like this are exactly the reason I no longer bust boxes myself--if I wasn't a Tigers fan, I'd be pissed to get a hit like this, but as a Tigers fan I'm thrilled to have it, especially without having to take the plunge and pony up for a box myself.  Sam made this a very easy deal and now I can be happy to add a nice relic of one of my favorite Tigers to the PC.  What can I say, I haven't been this excited about an up-and-coming Tigers catcher since Matt Nokes!

Thanks again, Sam, for another excellent deal.  I hope you keep pulling some big stuff in your boxes, just make sure to save the smaller stuff for people like me.

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