Saturday, November 19, 2011

Michigan gameday: vs. Nebraska

Today Michigan takes on #16 Nebraska at home at noon EST.  The Wolverines are up to eight wins in their 10 games thus far, exceeding last year's win total and some experts' predictions.  At stake in these last two games will be bragging rights and a ticket to a better bowl game.  Fellow Michigan enthusiasts Emerald City Diamond Gems and My Sports Obsession are also eagerly anticipating this game, plus the little matter of a rivalry next weekend.

Nebraska is actually an interesting matchup in their inaugural Big Ten season.  There was that extremely poorly officiated 2005 Alamo Bowl game, a travesty that still grinds the gears of serious Wolverines fans.  Then again, who can forget the 1997 split championship--one that Michigan rightly earned but Nebraska fans still claim to this day for whatever reason.

No matter--at Nebraska, as everyone knows, the "N" stands for "Nowledge" while everyone knows It's Great To Be a Michigan Wolverine!

Other interesting matchups this week:
  •  #2 Oklahoma St. @ Iowa St., Friday:  I managed to catch the thrilling end to this huge upset last night, a major blow to the standings in the obviously flawed, playoffless BCS clusterf$&k.  The Cyclones gave an outstanding effort in their school's biggest win ever, a classic game.
  • #17 Wisconsin @ Illinois, 12 EST:  I doubt Illinois has any chance in this one due to their employment of one of the most entertainingly clueless coaches in the history of the game, but you never know, and despite an extremely talented team, Wisconsin has stumbled at times this season.
  • #21 Penn St. @ Ohio St., 3:30 EST:  Here's an interesting matchup:  a team that already wasn't nearly as good as its record and insane lucky streak made it look traveling to take on a reeling squad that's barely bowl eligible and couldn't handle Purdue AGAIN.  That said, GO LIONS.
  • USC @ #4 Oregon, 8 EST:  The facts:  I hate USC, one of the most corrupt programs ever; Oregon has a fun offense to watch; Seeing Oregon rack up points in a blowout against the Trojans, sitting in timeout this year, would be awesome.  Go Ducks.
  • #5 Oklahoma @ #22 Baylor, 8 EST:  Baylor is another team that's probably not as good as its ranking, but I really don't like Oklahoma, so I'd love to see the Sooners falter here and fail to take advantage of Oklahoma St.'s loss last night.
  • #13 Kansas St. @ #23 Texas, 8 EST:  Kansas St. has a fun team this year and an exciting QB while Texas is another team I can't stand and is supported by talent-less asshat and insufferable douche Matthew McConaughey.  Deduce my rooting interests yourself, if you can.
But in the end, as always, only one game matters to my football Saturday and the quality of my weekend:  LET'S GO BLUE!!

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