Friday, October 14, 2011

No, YOU check out MY cards: October purchase: football awards and excessive title colons edition

Yesterday I covered the baseball and hockey portions of the PC cards I picked up from COMC.  Today you'll see the rest of the package, all of which is headed to my Michigan football collection.  You've seen just about all of these players before, and as such there's not a lot more to say about them, so this time for fun I thought I'd make up an award for each of them.  Please to enjoy the 16 newest members of this PC on this, the day before the Battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe:  

Alan Branch 2007 Bowman Chrome auto RC:  Outstanding achievement in the field of making me go "DAMN, Bowman Chrome, you looked FINE in 2007"

Anthony Thomas 2002 Fleer School Colors jersey:  Bipolar Award for making me love the card while reminding me that the Tigers are one game away from losing a pennant

Braylon Edwards 2006 SPx Swatch Supremacy jersey:  Award for the jersey card most likely to make me yawn

Braylon Edwards 2008 Elite Prime Targets jersey:  Serial-numbered jersey most likely to make me yawn (#29/50)

Chris Perry 2004 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey ball RC:  Shiniest Chris Perry (relic category) (#589/750)

Chris Perry 2004 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto RC:  Shiniest Chris Perry (autograph category)

Chris Perry 2004 SP Authentic Rookie Authentics patch auto RC:  Shiniest Chris Perry (Firefly definition category) and Best in Show in "Holy hot damn little baby jeebus is that a sweet-ass patch" competition (#009/499)

David Terrell 2001 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey ball auto RC:  Déjà vu except this time it's autographed award (#012/950)

Jason Avant 2006 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Rookie Jersey jersey:  Most ultimate boring jersey card ever (#57/75)

John Navarre 2004 SAGE Red auto:  Gumpiest communist auto, class of 2004 (#386/440)

Leon Hall 2007 Finest auto RC:  Best in show, autographed RC division

Leon Hall-Alan Branch 2007 Topps Co-Signers dual auto:  Monopoly Guy Q. Wolverine award for excellence in depicting Michigan football players who got PAID in 2011, son award

Marquise Walker 2002 UD Graded Making the Grade auto RC:  Award for autograph sweet as Shirley Temple dipped in pudding (#51/75)

Marquise Walker-Brian Griese-Desmond Howard 2002 SP Authentic Authentic Threads triple jersey:  Three Michigan legends for under $5 award

Mike Hart 2008 UD Premier Signature Premier auto:  Best autograph of an Eastern Michigan assistant in this package (#84/99)

Prescott Burgess 2007 Topps Draft Senior Standouts jersey:  Welcome to the PC, you are tremendous award

So after all that, how about some stats:

  • I'm up to 367 cards in my football PC
  • Prescott Burgess became the 55th unique player/coach
  • Braylon Edwards jumps up to 32 cards, leapfrogging Chad Henne (30) for second place, one card behind leader Jake Long
  • David Terrell moves up to his 27th card but remains in 4th
  • I now sit at 241 autographs (including autographed relics)
Well, the way things stand I'm not sure when I'll next acquire anything, be it via a purchase or a trade.  I can promise plenty of complete set content, plus of course I'll come up with other stuff.  Besides that, if there's anything specific you guys would like to see here, please let me know in the comments--I aim to please.


  1. Nice find on the Walker, Griese and Howard card. I have the Mike Hart auto, it's one of my favorite cards in my collections.

    GO BLUE!!!