Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy college football new year: baseball edition???

Let's play some FOOTBAW!

As is usually the case when I have a bunch of trades going, I stop keeping track, something shows up in my mailbox and I'm surprised and happy.  It's like 50 First Dates except it's not a crappy movie that I'm never gonna see.

Example #200 of this comes courtesy of Eric of Manupatches & Chrome Scratches.  While doing my usual Blowout-ing, I nabbed an autographed manupatch that I promised to send his way.  In return (and for a ridiculous price that almost makes me want to go back to scouring eBay) he reciprocated with this beaut:
A big help in my quest for the rainbow, this is a 2008 UD Baseball Heroes patch/auto of Rich Hill.  Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ on a cracker is this a great card, and I still can't believe Eric won it for $0.99 (and the usual eBay marked-up shipping fee of $3).  Hell, for $0.99 I don't care if the seller cut the patch out of a Brant Brown jersey, this thing is sick.  I'm thrilled to be making a little more progress toward that rainbow.  Thanks again, Eric!

Basebaw, part 2:
On the same day that gem arrived, I received another Blowout purchase a scant two days after I bought it:  15 baseball autos for $20 shipped.  O RLY?  YA RLY.
Here's the main card that made me buy the lot:  Chris Getz's 2010 Triple Threads triple jersey/auto.  I've been after one of these for a while and now I've got one.  While I'd love to debate the wisdom of inserting a journeyman utility infielder into a subset called "Rising Stars" in an ultra-premium product, (seriously, Topps?) this lunacy is my gain, and it's easily the best Getz card I own.
By the way, hands down the best feature of this card doesn't appear on the front--the third of the "triple take" facts on the back is this keeper:  "When asked on college questionnaire, 'Who plays you?' in a movie of his life, he answered 'Wesley Snipes.'"  Love it.

There was one either keeper (at least for now) for me--a 2008 Razor Letterman unnumbered "E" patch of Robbie Weinhardt.  I was already sold because of the Getz, but it's pretty cool getting a third different Weinhardt Razor letter, and one of a different numbering (or lack thereof, in this case) to boot.  All I'm missing is a 1/1, which I'm not exactly gonna try to chase down but wouldn't kick out of my collection.

And now, the trade bait:
Here we have:

  • Francisco Peguero 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor auto #269/500 (Giants)
  • John Ely 2010 Topps Peek Performance auto (Dodgers)
  • Jesse English 2010 Topps Chrome auto/RC (Nats)
  • Drew Butera 2010 Topps Chrome auto/RC (Twins)
  • Jeremy Farrell 2010 Bowman Prospects auto (Pirates/U of Virgina)
  • Charlie Blackmon 2010 Topps Pro Debut auto (Tulsa/Rockies)
  • Steven Hensley 2010 Topps Pro Debut auto (West Tenn/Mariners)
  • T.J. Steele 2010 Topps Pro Debut auto (Corpus Christi/Astros)
  • Steve Garrison 2010 Topps Pro Debut auto (Portland/Padres, currently with the Yanks)

  • Jon Huber 2008 Bowman Signs of the Future auto (Mariners)
  • Tony Richie 2005 Upper Deck USA Baseball National Team Alumni Signatures auto #140/330 (USA/Cubs)
  • Tyler Lyons 2009 Upper Deck USA National Team auto (USA/Cardinals)
  • Tommy Medica 2007 Upper Deck USA Baseball auto #72/?? (USA/Padres)
All those are available for trade so get your offers in!

You didn't think I'd go the rest of the post without really celebrating the start of another exciting college football season, did you?

Tonight Big 10/12 favorite Wisconsin opens up the conference's season at home against UNLV.  I'll keep pulling for them until we hopefully play them in the conference title game.

Then, of course, Michigan opens up at home against Western Michigan.  I'm crossing my fingers for more Denard dilithium, a run game that isn't 100% Denard and a defense that doesn't poop itself every time the offense snaps the ball.  Also, little known fact:  every time coach Hoke points at something, Topps comes out with another shitty set.  Go figure.

Also, the well-known scumbags and relative-marriers down in Ohio might be able to put together a team if they can find 22 guys that haven't been suspended.  Your rumored starting QB on Saturday:  Shane Falco.  Pre-Replacements Shane Falco.

Anyway, good luck to your favorite non-Buckeye, non-SEC team, and GO BLUE!


  1. I'd be interested in the Blackmon, if you wouldn't mind setting it aside for me.

  2. I love 50 First Dates!

    Also I love a lot of terrible things (I made a similar comment on Night Owl's post tonight lol).