Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail Monday manupatches (but no chrome scratches)

A quick post on a gorgeous late summer Ann Arbor day which is better spent outside than sitting and waiting for Topps to flip the switch on the Super Bowl Legends Giveaway.  Today I feature two new (you guessed it) Wolverines hits that I grabbed from (right again) Blowout at a very nice price.

Braylon Edwards 2005 Zenith Prime Signature Cuts manupatch/auto/RC:  First of all, do not adjust your monitors--the signature just looks blurry due to the fabric/pen combination.  This is just a sweet looking card that also happens to be a Bray-Bray RC.  Although every card in the set looks this way, I can pretend that he signed a sideways "I" from "Michigan" a la the SP Threads Lettermen cards.  Serial numbering boosts the card's value to me as usual, and the mention of some historically great Michigan WRs puts it over the top.  The single best feature, though, may be Braylon's face, which is the kind of face I'd imagine I would make myself if the photographer said "Smile!  By the way, you'll be stuck in Ohio for the next few years!"

Chad Henne 2008 Prestige NFL Draft Patch auto:  Also an autographed manupatch numbered to roughly 100, this Henne looks great.  I'm generally cool with the way Panini does their various versions of these, as evidenced by my Mike Hart Colts version from Rookies & Stars of that year.  I'd definitely like to get one with a Michigan patch, like my EEE baseball Putnam and LaMarre editions, but I like this one a lot too because I'm such a fan of the 2008 draft class. As with the Braylon, there's a couple features that put this card over the top for me:  serial numbering and a Michigan uniform shot.

This pair of autographed manupatches of former teammates at a great price made for a pretty nice mail day.  Up next should be one last Blowout pickup, sometime this week, then within the next couple weeks you should see a few new blogger trade packages from some familiar faces!

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