Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Blowout trade bait twofer

Not that Toofer
Another small lot makes for a good quick post on this fine Thursday, nine days before the start of Michigan's football season:

These 2011 Topps patches of McCutchen and Reyes were a ridiculous $5 delivered, so I jumped all over them knowing I could trade them to a couple people who'll be thrilled to have them:  McCutchen's heading to Dustin of No Relics Pulled and Reyes will be part of my trade to end all trades (until the next time we trade) with Mike of BA Benny's Yada Yada Yada (since it's one of like 80 teams that he collects).  I know not everybody likes manupatches (I'm not in that group unless they're very poorly done) but I think $2.50 a pop for these was a steal, especially when I know a couple collectors who'll want them.

Not much content today, so thanks to the Reyes patch I'll again post one of my favorite Simpsons moments:
"The Nye Mets are my favorite squad-ron"
More Blowout loot to come shortly, including an exciting new addition to my baseball PC!

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