Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Blowout post about something I didn't buy

Quick post today:  I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention this epic Blowout thread (which I still assume is a parody) in which a guy tries to sell a Brandon Pettigrew autograph (which he pulled from one of those scamalicious "hot packs") for three times its book value PLUS shipping.  It features name-calling, Internet Tough Guyism, pooping babies--I mean it has EVERYTHING, guys!  It's pretty clear the original poster is an alt for another Blowout message board troll, but that doesn't make this thread any less entertaining, so if you want to see a bunch of people get trolled by someone who does the impossible and finds a way to give Detroit a worse name, check it out!
(NOTE:  the original post did not include a scan, but at the point I took a screen shot, he'd posted one--of him holding up the unprotected card with PLIERS.  If that isn't satire/trolling, I don't know what is.  And yes, as an English major and person of at least average intelligence, every "alot", "to" instead of "too", "your" instead of "you're" and other idiotic misspelling makes my brain hurt until I remember I'm interacting with the lowest form of human intelligence:  internet forum members.)

EDIT:  Sorry, the thread got disappeared faster than the guy who invented the car that ran on children's laughter (CRAP, I'VE SAID TOO MUCH) so it's no longer there.  Take my word for it, it was great.  Ask Tim, he saw it.  


  1. haha touche with your comment. Hilarious post, has to be fake. I love how he talked about "blowing the card out."