Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to another edition of "Oh yeah, I bought that, didn't I?"

So I opened up my mailbox today and found a small package that immediately stumped me because, as we've established, my memory sucks for someone who hasn't hit his 30s.  It was from one of my favorite Blowout sellers, Underwood4.  I've bought cards from (as far as I can tell due to the first name) her three times now and she's always given me more than a fair deal on price.  Shipping usually takes a little longer than I'd expect considering they're coming from Illinois (hence my always impersonating Forgetful Jones </old school Sesame Street reference!>) when I buy from her.

Anyway, this time I got another deal I liked.  For $25 dlvd I picked up these three beauties:

Braylon Edwards 2005 Leaf Limited Phenoms patch/auto/RC (#083/100): You'll have to take my word for it that this one's a "beauty" because cards with a foil mirror finish don't really scan well, now, do they?  The seller noted the minor damage to the patch window (upper left corner) but I can't say I really cared--I'm not exactly going to get this graded by BGS (it would only garner, what, a 9.5 by their rigorous standards?).  I can't believe a couple months ago I had zero Braylon sigs and now I have four. 

Jake Long 2008 Leaf Limited Spotlight patch/auto/RC (#18/49):  I'd seen this in the hands of plenty of sellers but never had a chance at a deal as good as this.  The patch is an excellent mix of colors; I just don't understand why Leaf felt they had to cover up the player with the sticker when half the card is taken up by a patch that needs not even 1/3 of the space.

Mario Manningham 2008 Leaf Limited patch/auto/RC (#63/99):  Same complaints as above in terms of design, but overall I like having this upper-tier patch/auto/RC in my collection.  It's not as good of a patch as the long, but I got a little color and some stitching, and as usual I'm more interested in the autograph anyway.  Any Super Mario is a good Super Mario.

If you happen to see more threads from this seller in your occasional Blowout forums perusal activities, keep in mind she has my endorsement on reliability and price!


  1. You sure you don't mean Forgetful John from Fraggle Rock? "Listen to forgetful John and your troubles will be gone."

  2. I found 2 similar Braylon patches (totally different cards though) in mdskyhawks $2.50 per card sale earlier today. I almost bit on a Quincy Morgan patch haha.