Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back to Non-Michigan Hockey Content!

Another great year for the Maize and Blue that finished just a bit short, but was exciting nonetheless.  Now for some actual non-hockey content (albeit a quick post because I want to go out and enjoy the great weather today!)

Trade with reader Ken N.:

I don't have any scans of these, but I wanted to quickly mention a trade I got done with a reader named Ken (whom some of you may have traded with).  He piqued my interest immediately by offering me a bunch of cards from three of my wantlist sets:  2009 Bowman/Prospects/WBC baseball, 2010 Bowman Draft baseball and 2009 Bowman Draft football.  He also threw in a few Barry Larkins and a Chris Getz for the old Michigan baseball PC.

In return I sent a nice box stuffed with Tigers--that's right, he's a fellow Detroit collector (and teaches English, my college major--I'm not 100% sure we're not the same person, although we agree to disagree on Jim Leyland for now).  Fortunately, that's something where I can deal from strength, especially thanks to many of you who've sent me piles of Detroit cards, some of which I can use in deals like this.

So if you get a trade request from Ken, make sure you get back to him--he's easy to work with and you'll be happy with what you get.  That definitely earns him a TMG seal of approval.  I hope some of you follow his example and help me knock more off of my set wantlists

Another card show next weekend:

It's looking like I'm gonna be heading back up to the monthly card show in my area next weekend (likely Saturday, the 16th), probably with Dustin of No Relics Pulled, which should be pretty cool because I usually fly solo on card shows. 

The reason I mention it is that I again want to take requests for trade bait items, so please shoot me a comment being as specific as you can about what you'd like me to grab for you.  I'll mostly be trying to pick up autographs (with a couple relics if the players are good enough) that are in the $1-$5 range in terms of sale price.  I'd prefer to have a couple examples of players you like instead of just having you name a team because I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of stuff I don't want for myself, but if you give me good enough ideas I'll try to accommodate you as best as I can.  I was pretty happy with how the last trade bait post went so I'm hoping for a repeat of that.  Once I get stuff at this show and trade some of it away, I'll try to put up a comprehensive trade bait section for your convenience.  Hopefully I can work out more trades with some of you, because so far my experiences have been 100% positive.  Don't forget, in return I'll be looking for Tigers and Wolverines (baseball and football) autographs (and to a much lesser extent, relics), so stock up in case I find something for you!

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