Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's been a Jake Long week

A quick post today since I don't have much.

First of all, make sure to follow along with BA Benny's group break.  Another couple videos (including the first hits) are posted here, and I think the break's been fun so far.  There's a hugely diverse and extensive group of boxes and packs, so you may see something you didn't know you liked.  Head on over and make sure to follow future posts too.

Next up is yet another lot I grabbed from Blowout (with a couple more on the way from the same seller, if you can believe it).  I know you'll all be shocked, but this is another 100% Jake Long lot.

We'll start out with a cool 2008 Bowman Chrome Green auto RC.  It's kind of cool how it works out that the green theme sort of works with Miami's team colors (at least from the perspective of a guy who sees the color of the border and player's jersey and calls both "green" instead of teal or whatever).  This one's numbered 076/150 and is worth more than what I paid for the whole lot, which is nice.  Most of my Long autograph collection consists of RCs because who would want to make a bunch of hits of O-linemen, even if they're Pro-Bowlers that are former #1 overall picks?  That's fine by me--it should make it easier to get close to getting all of them, so that's a plus.
The only relic of the bunch was this 2008 Leaf Limited dual jersey, which matches up with his NFL (and college, by the way) jersey number.  Hooray for not being a postage stamp-sized white swatch!  This is a decent design, and I like how the number corresponds to a decent shot of Long with his jersey number visible.
The next autograph is from 2008 Score Select Inscriptions.  I have an Adrian Arrington that goes along with that, so count this as another set where I may try to grab all the Wolverine autographs eventually.  This is a pretty slick foiled-up set with sticker autos that aren't too obtrusive (the clear sticker works in this case).  Here, Long is either getting read to pancake a guy or get flagged for ineligible man downfield after running a curl.
Finally, a 2008 Topps Chrome auto RC.  Not a lot to say about this one.  I mainly like the design--the black border, the team logo, etc., but as with the Bowman Chrome above, I don't love the sticker window taking up about 1/4 of the photo part of the card.  Still, you all know I loves me some Jake Long autographs.

This package deal for something like $18 was pretty reasonable in my opinion, and by my count it puts me up to 17 Jake Long hits, including 13 with autographs.

Coming soon:  hopefully I'll finally put a contest together because I've got some cool stuff to give away; a couple more things from Blowout; a look at some other cool parts of my collection:  TTM autographs and my favorites out of my RCs, relics and autographs; and more as I think of it.

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