Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About that Million Card Giveaway haul...

I'd meant to do this a while ago when I received my shipment from Topps, but I ended up putting it off for various, unimportant reasons.  Regardless, here's how I did with my Million Card Giveaways that I ended up having delivered:

1958 Don Ferrarese:
-Condition:  B-.  It's a little faded and off-center, but considering it's 53 years old I'd say it looks pretty damn good.
-Overall:  B+.  This is about the oldest card I have (at least without looking through my whole collection), so that's pretty cool, and it's in surprisingly good shape.  Good deal. 

1959 Gus Triandos:
-Condition:  C.  The corners and edges are reasonable, but did a drunk guy cut the sheet this card was on or what?
-Overall:  B.  It's cool to have an Oriole this old, even if it's not one of my favorites. 

1963 Bill Dailey:
-Condition:  D-.  OMG custom Topps Traded card!  Dailey was indeed purchased by the Twinkies in '63, his penultimate season in his four-year career, as a previous owner helpfully points out.  Pretty crapped-up otherwise.
-Overall:  C-.  Cool design from a '60s card, but it's not in the greatest of shape and I'm not much of an Indians fan.

1969 Topps Rookie Stars:
-Condition:  B.  Some pretty crappy chipped corners, but pretty good otherwise.
-Overall:  B.  I like multiplayer RCs from Topps' old sets, so this was a fun one to get.  I got a good number of offers on this one after I traded for it, but as with 99.999% of MCG offers, they sucked, which was my gain.

1970 Gates Brown:
-Condition:  B.  Definitely off-center, and the corners aren't the greatest, but pretty good.
-Overall:  A-.  I'm excited to be picking up some vintage-type cards of former Tigers heroes like Gator, so this was a good start.  Got this one from Play at the Plate in one of two trades.

1972 Bill Freehan:
-Condition:  B.  A bit off-center and rough around the edges, but not bad.
-Overall:  A-.  Freehan's a guy I'm working on collecting a bit more, being a rare combination of a Michigan alumnus and Detroit Tiger.  Very cool.

1973 Willie Horton:
-Condition:  A-.  Imperfect centering, but pretty good otherwise.
-Overall:  A.  Another former Tiger great, with lots of years of stats on the back!

1974 Aurelio Rodriguez:
-Condition:  C+.  Bad centering and some rough edges/corners.
-Overall:  B-.  This was one of those Tigers I traded for to dump some of my unwanted crap, and it least it was a decent one, if not a Tigers star.

1976 Dick Pole:
-Condition:  B+.  Some rough corners/edges, but overall pretty good.
-Overall:  A.  Come on, his name is Dick Pole!  This one's headed to Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame assuming it doesn't implode due to hilarity before it makes it through the postal system.

1978 Steve Foucault:
-Condition:  C.  Bad centering and corners.
-Overall:  D-.  Just a throw-in when I was dumping unwanted cards for Tigers.  I hadn't even heard of the guy to be honest.

1979 Jason Thompson:
-Condition:  B+.  Not much to say, this one's pretty decent.
-Overall:  B-.  At least it's a Tiger I've heard of.  Got this one from Play at the Plate in one of two trades.

So there you have it, 11 cards from 11 different years, including 6 Tigers for me.  I can't remember how many codes I redeemed or trades I made, and overall I'd say my experience with the system was negative, but now that I have these cards there's at least a bright side.  One other positive effect of the thing is that it may give me the kick in the pants I need to work on acquiring some of my favorite vintage Tigers, which is great.

The Tigers are all mine and I mentioned that the Pole is heading to Tim, but the other four would still be available for reasonably comparable Tigers.


  1. Hey! I think I traded you the Thompson and the Brown. That's interesting to see what they look like. I should have mine in a week or two.

  2. Awwww yeaaaaah. The only Pole I'm holding currently is in Mariner garb. It'll be nice to grab one dressed in Sox too!