Monday, January 17, 2011

Razor Letterman break, part 2?

So I wanna bust another case of these suckers since the first break went so well.  Everybody got stuff they liked (with some outstanding value), I made an extra box part of the break, and I was even able to give away an extra hit to each person since there were only four of us.  That wouldn't be possible with more people this time, but the question remains--if I do another case break, are you interested?  Please vote in the poll to your right.  My thinking is that I'd schedule this break for the last weekend in January, likely the Saturday again, also in the afternoon, since that went so well.  Same conditions (5 hits/slot, drafting after the break, etc.) except I'd want $35/slot instead of $33 to accommodate shipping (plus you've already seen what kind of value you can get here).  I'm ordering another case of these soon one way or another, but if you'd like to take part (with the same caveat that the break would include one box per entrant plus three, unless I get five other participants this time), let me know what you think by voting.  Feel free to leave comments in this post as well.

On a related note, here's what each participant ended up with after drafting and trading:

BA Benny

D.J. Mitchell $12 NYY T 20
Garrison Lassiter $20 NYY R 20
Gordon Beckham $60 CHW C 20
Jason Castro $30 HOU T
Josh Lindblom $30 LAD N 5
Kirk Nieuwenhuis $10 NYM U 20

Eric L.

Allan Dykstra $20 SDP D 20
Cutter Dykstra $30 MIL R 20
Eric Hosmer $30 KC E 5
Jeremy Beckham $10 TAM B 20
Michael Inoa $30 OAK O
Rashun Dixon $30 OAK I 5


Brian Matusz $30 BAL Z
Cutter Dykstra $50 MIL S 5
Dan Hudson $25 CHW U 5
Joshua Fields $20 SEA L 5
Matt Wieters $50 BAL S 5
Tanner Scheppers $15 PIT E 20

And here's what I have left. What I don't want to keep is going to a BlowoutCards forum thread (for sale and trade) followed by eBay. I'll put links up to both as soon as I have them, so this is more informational than anything.

Aaron Crow $25 WAS R
Aaron Hicks $25 (sold) MIN H
Aaron Hicks $50 (sold) MIN C 5
Brett Wallace $10 STL A
Brian Matusz $30 BAL U
Buster Posey $120 SFG P 5
Buster Posey $60 SFG S
Curtis Petersen $10 FLA R 20
Danny Espinosa $20 WAS S 20
David Cooper $20 TOR P
David Cooper $25 TOR P 20
Dexter Carter $30 CHW A 20
Dexter Carter $30 CHW E 20
James Darnell $10 SDP N 20
Jason Castro $30 HOU O
Juan Carlos Sulbaran $8 CIN B 20
Justin Smoak $30 TEX A
Justin Smoak $40 TEX O 20
Kyle Skipworth $10 FLA H 20
Kyle Skipworth $8 FLA W
Kyle Weiland $30 BOS E 20
Matt Thompson $12 TEX S 20
Mike Stanton $50 FLA N 20
Pedro Alvarez $30 (sold) PIT Z
Pedro Alvarez $60 (sold) PIT V 5
Robbie Weinhardt $10 DET N 20
Ryan Lavarnway $20 BOS A 20
Ryan Westmoreland $40 BOS L 20
Ryan Westmoreland $40 BOS N 20
Tim Beckham $15 TAM E
Tim Beckham $15 TAM C
Yonder Alonso $25 CIN N

Again, not bad, eh?


  1. I'll get in again, but you gotta promise to pull me an Ike Davis.

  2. I'm in again, but I need a posey this time!