Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Absolute Memorabilia football retail rack packs (x6)

I've made it no secret on this here blog that I like rack packs.  Well as usual when I got a chance I headed over to Meijer with some bottle return money and snagged some packs.  These guys looked like a pretty good deal, and as you'll see, they're just about that, really.  After paying about $9 a pop for about 15 Topps Chrome cards, these seem like a relative steal.  While that's not exactly the case (quantity doesn't always equal quality), they seem like a fun set to bust.  Read on for details.

Purchased from/price:  Meijer, $4.99 (x6)
Packs/cards:  6 packs of 40 cards each
Set size:  100 base cards (also 100 #d rookies, which are harder to pull)
Key features:  Lots and lots of cards; Rookie Premiere Materials and autographs
Key cards:  rookies out the wazoo

Sample front
Sample back

Set completion:  
     Set 1:  91/100 (91%)
     Set 2:  78/100 (78%)
     Triples:  40
     Quads:  25


Inserts:  6
     NOTE:  according to packs all inserts fall at an average 1:2 packs, though I got one insert in each pack. 
     NFL Icons:  Joe Montana
     Absolute Heroes:  Devin Hester
     War Room:  Rolando McClain
     Spectrum Red:  Eli Manning and Roddy White
     Spectrum Blue:  Amari Spievey RC #68/75

Autographs:  None (none expected)
Relics:  None (none expected)
Best pack:  #1 had the Spievey insert, plus base cards of Gore, Favre, McFadden, Matt Ryan, Sanchez, Calvin Johnson and Aaron Rodgers.  Not a whole lot better than any of the other packs, but the Spievey pushed this one to the top.
Best card:  Amari Spievey Spectrum RC

Quality control:  10/10  No issues to report here.
Collation:  9/10  I ding these packs a single point because I couldn't pull one complete 100-card set from 314 base cards.  Amazingly, though, considering the large number of base I pulled for a 100-card set, I never got more than four of any given card. 
Value:  7/10  40 cards for $5 is almost always a good value.  Granted I didn't pull a complete base set and the inserts weren't much to speak of (besides the Spievey), plus I didn't end up with any other rookies.  Still, I'd guess you're better off with four of these packs than a $20 blaster (which I believe was 10 packs of 8 or vice versa).
Set design and player selection:  7/10  I like the simple, clean look of the set as well as the photography.  As usual with a back like this I prefer more stats, but that doesn't really take away from the overall look.  I was hoping for more rookies but I suppose they became tough pulls to justify the relatively low price considering the number of cards you get.  As far as the veteran base cards go I was fairly happy.
Inserts and extras:  6/10  The inserts weren't terribly exciting, though pulling a Montana was pretty cool.  And obviously since I've mentioned it several times I liked the Spievey.  I'm no fan of non-serial numbered parallels that don't add anything, though, so the Reds annoyed me.  The other inserts were decent if unexciting.  There weren't any other "extras" to speak of, though you do get a somewhat decent shot at a hit.

Overall score:  39/50
Recommendation:  buy 
I'd recommend grabbing something like four or five of these for a shot at a base set, some dupes to trade, and a couple inserts.  Plus, maybe you'll be luckier than me and pull a hit.  I'm thinking if I find a couple more the next time I hit a store I may grab them to try to finish off one, two or even three of the base set, and maybe take one more stab at a hit.

Just a couple this time, but I got two each of Henne and Braylon, which was cool.


  1. That set looks really good this year. I could certainly use any doubles of the Jets, Giants, and Saints you may have aquired.

  2. I love "value packs". Target is my retailer of choice when I have the "value pack" or blaster itch. Nice review.

  3. Panini continues to impress me w/ their NFL cards and these rack packs are a great deal. Do you get any (1-7) Carolina Panthers doubles?