Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mail day streak continues...

More Blowout, more Wolverines:

While looking over a 2010 Topps football box break on BlowoutCards' forums last week I found a guy who was bemoaning the quality of one of his "hits"--a Steve Breaston Peak Performance jersey.  I asked if he had any help for my base wantlist, and as it turned out he had roughly half, so I went ahead and bought everything for a pretty reasonable price (that's been my experience with Blowout's forums in general, which is cool).  The payoff:
Not bad at all, for the small price I paid--and more importantly it's not a boring old white swatch.  Oddly enough it's only my third Breaston hit, and my first relic of him.  Others are in the PC.

On a related note, this now puts my 2010 Topps football base wantlist at the following:  32 57 75 85 97 101 110 139 142 147 251 351 360 362 395 403 423.  Please help if you can--I'd love to knock this baby out before the year is over.

That's not nearly enough for a daily post, so group break news #1:

I'm still drumming up interest for my potential (ie probably going to happen) 2007-2009 SAGE football break.  See this post for deets.

Group break news #2 (not me edition):

Group breaker extraordinaire Georgia Mindset is at it again with a new break featuring a case of 2010 Bowman Chrome.  His previous Topps Chrome/TTT break is the only one I've ever done but I was very pleased with the results and highly recommend AJ's breaks.  I'm keeping my dibs on the Tigers (and may be tag teaming with Beardy on the Orioles to hedge my bets against a huge Ripken pull this time) but many teams are still up for grabs, so get in!

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