Saturday, September 4, 2010

The man I'm really looking for, wink, is Mr Bribe. Wink, wink!

Let me put it to you this way.  I'm looking for my friend Bill.  Have you seen any Bills around here?
Arms for hostages--er--Gridiron Giveway codes for blog pimping seems to have worked.  First of all, a huge thanks to everyone that linked to, followed, and/or pimped this blog, every one of you is awesome, and easily bought.  That doesn't just deserve a Simpsons reference, I'm digging out a classic WWF clip:

But seriously, everyone that responded so far should have received their Gridiron Giveaway codes, which have now been exhausted (but if you still do me the honor of linking over here/following me, name what you're after and I'll see what I can find).  Most of you will also get some good stuff sent your way as soon as I have some time to dig it up.

While I'm on the subject of thanking everyone,
I probably owe him my soul, or a bunch of Braves stuff, even if he did write a check my ass can't cash and promise that I'll open a new box everyday (in the greatest blog post written by a man south of the Mason-Dixon line).  This isn't, dayf, at least not until I pull a card that Beckett will overgrade and pimp for me
If I missed you please let me know, I definitely owe all of you a big thanks for helping make sure I'm not just posting a bunch of words and pictures for myself.  The rest of your bribes will be going out soon.


  1. Haha thanks for the blog love man! My personal collections are almost always changing, but they're always crazy!

  2. Red Dawn rules.

    I thought Lance Berkman was fat Jesus?

    Oh, wait, he's fat Elvis.

    Same difference.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! This gets me in the giving mood! I wonder what I can do to lure...I mean honorable obtain followers and links?

  4. I'm clicking follow now. You can do me the honor of swinging by my place and checking out the code cracking contest I've put into motion.

    Side note, will you have a sister site "Too Many Megatrons?" Or do you just stick to the college football? :)

  5. I'll get you linked in form my site as well. Nice job on the box breaks! Can't wait to see more.