Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy "I got nuthin'" Tuesday

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers.  I haven't had a chance to buy anything new, and I don't have any trade packages coming in our out that I know of so you get a random mix of stuff.  I do have a trade coming in from the BlowoutCards forums and a couple nice cards from eBay as well, so those will get posted when they arrive.  For now, enjoy the following:

More like Night Wink Martindowl?
Yoink (please don't sue, Night Owl, I'm advertising your blog!)

Night Owl liked the big-ass trade package of Dodgers I sent him, but more importantly he posted it in his ridiculously awesome "What's the best card in the package" format.  I won't ruin the surprise of which card wins, but you might not easily guess which comes out on top.  This is a post that's a ton of fun to read, so reward all the effort Night Owl put into it and check it out (as well as others with that tag).  Night Owl, you're welcome for the cool stuff, and thanks for the WTBCITP honor.

GSNHOF liked his trade package too
Yoink (please don't sue, Tim, I'll send you more Toe Nash cards!)

As previously posted, I finally got around to sending Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame his trade package, and fortunately he was pretty happy with it.  It's nice that some people appreciate it when you give them unwanted cards of guys with funny names.  Additional major props to him for the awesome Michigan package he sent in return, it was much appreciated.

Yeah, yeah, now getting back to Night Owl...

This is a little late in coming, but I wanted to highlight NO's post about his most-wanted cards, or "Nebulous 9".  He gave credit for the idea elsewhere, but I read it on his blog, so I'm giving him credit.   I decided to do something similar by highlighting the baseball sets from which I needed very few cards as I desperately want to finish those.  You can find that (I call it my "five or fewer club") along the right sidebar beneath by blog links, followers, etc.  Please help, I'll give you stuff in return, maybe even money stuff!

Since everyone else is talking about it

If you're doing Topps' Million Card Giveaway, make sure you get your cards shipped before March 15 next year, or you'll hate the ides more than Julius Caesar (too soon?)Personally, I'm trying to unload the stuff I don't want for a few more that I do before I go through the hassle of paying for shipping, but I'm glad to have been alerted that I would have otherwise lost all of my cards (NOT MY 1987 OZZIE SMITH!!!).  Anyway, that's more incentive for y'all to trade your unwanted Tigers to me.  I still have some 1960s and 70s stuff if you want to deal.

And some other stuff...


  1. Yoink away ... until I get that baby copyrighted.

    That post took me so long to do that I'm way behind in sending you some cards.

    I've got too many gigs. Got to pick up my tux now ...

  2. Lol I'm calling my lawyer unless you throw in some Pete LaCocks.

    Kidding, amazing return package and I really did love it. Can't really go wrong with relics and/or great names and/or shiny with me!

    And awesome end reference...I love that movie lol.